Haunted by you
Haunted by you sad stories
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rc81 Community member
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Venting the pain of love not returned.

Haunted by you

You came into my life at a time I felt defeated. I felt life had cracked me open and I gave everything I had to give.

When I met you, I sensed a sadness in your heart. I could see an emptiness in your soul that your beautiful brown eyes could not conceal.

You were someone special and I was able to open my heart and dig in deep to give you what I thought I never could give.

I gave you all of me. Every last bit of myself I surrendered to you without fear or reservations.

I felt whole again. I was happy. I saw the emptiness you once had fade into oblivion. Your smile was free of sadness and your eyes sparkled with love.

But somehow my love was not enough and you were consumed by your demons again. I saw you lose the happiness in your smile. I saw the sadness on your lips you thought nobody could see.

As you distance yourself from me, you took the last bit of me with you into the abyss.

I am yet again broken, defeated and empty. You will forever haunt my dreams.

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