"What Can I Say?"
"What Can I Say?" gavel/ judge/ parole/  lawyer stories

rbb1010 Writing, a wonderful way to express..!
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Love at times hanging in the balance convicted of crimes never committed, but the guilt heavy as your lover walks out the door.

"What Can I Say?"

With door in hand someone better you met words, as about to go you stand my judgement, your heart set then the door slams as a Judges gavel tears of guilt, while to the car you walk love once without denial, now unravel sad day without a chance to talk sentenced to a life without your love silent plea, loud in my soul a life of waters rough judged and convicted as you go your gone, now.. what can I say?

No court date given nor lawyer chance to defend time on the stand forbidden only life without you rend Not contemplating parole nor short term on good behavior knowing time served will take it's toll To each other once swore till death do us part! You and your new lover the jury I'd say for you two, smart only his love the hurry mine is only time, what can I say?

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