Things I Can't Say Now!
Things I Can't Say Now! terrorizing/ hind sight/ released/ numb/ respond/ console/ stories

rbb1010 Writing, a wonderful way to express..!
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Hind sight being 20/20 is not always a helpful or good thing, it can be a terrorizing and hurtful pain that is never released!

Things I Can't Say Now!

Can't say I love you to your face to your heart or the loneliness spew I can't tell you of the hurt nights that I speak your name the teardrops my pillow agony each night the same dreams are my only and one thriller because there ..always things I can say!

I can't say come here Let me hold you or please let me console you I can't tell you how much I wish to wipe each tear your every thought how I wish to hear whispers in the night sought these are things I now can't tell you!

I can't tell you days of wondering thoughts and what you'd say or respond I can't tell you my days blue or how I've missed you even ask how was your day? maybe these things insignificant to some but these things unable to say and things I can't say, only a feeling left of numb!!

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