Deep Waters of Love
Deep Waters of Love gigantic/ hurricane/ typhoon/ tsunami/ large ships/ submarines/ fathoms/ whirlpools stories

rbb1010 Writing, a wonderful way to express..!
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Love comes at different levels and it's the deep storm type love that takes you under and hopefully both lovers experience the stormy depths of deep waters of love!

Deep Waters of Love

So much in my heart Fathoms of depth unknown I see things I never saw feel things my mind blown breathing at depths impossible no suit, no mask, no oxygen feeling no pain, deep waters of love.

Bubbles of satisfaction swirls of movement this soul whirlpools taking me down I'm not scarred because I know our love isn't a pond, lake , or river our love covers as an ocean the earth never before, deep waters of love!

Large ships pass these waters submarines dive to secret places can't swim, but here I am almost drowning, two desperate faces so far from beaches of sand hungry to explore pleasures our bodies found at depths, deep waters of love!

Swept like a wave returning to the ocean hurricanes, typhoons, tsunami's these gigantic storms of love making me to wonder, why never these depths before surviving your loves sweet current hoping forever, deep waters of love!

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