A Cold Rainy Day
A Cold Rainy Day drips/ cleansed/ trembling/ captain/ sinking ship/ etched stories

rbb1010 Writing, a wonderful way to express..!
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Love can take so many turns on roads that sometimes are cold, bitter, and heart wrenching.

A Cold Rainy Day

A memory etched in my mind hurt with raindrops soaked pain more than a short time cold with bitterness cloaked as she drove away on a cold rainy day

Heartbreak, shivering, wet, and broken as pieces of glass a highway after a wreck torn like a flag in battle hurtful token and a captain sinking ship, the deck I stood there on a cold rainy day

Drips of rain as I watched as if you might turn around then cleansed of misery by love's wash but the rain as drops of hope only pound from the trembling loss on a cold rainy day!

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