The Monster Under My Bed
The Monster Under My Bed  monster-under-the-bed stories

raybarcacel A sad writer who only writes about love
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I was looking for a monster and found a friend.

The Monster Under My Bed

The Monster under my bed casually comes out now and then

To dance in my room till he hears me come from far away

He knew I was scared of him, so he always gave me some space

But, when would I realize he only wanted friends?

The Monster under my bed was sad and alone,

And his toes freeze when the air conditioner turns on

He doesn’t make me turn it off because he knows, that sleeping cold makes me feel good in the interior

He braces himself with a thought in mind, “what would happen if I could be normal?

Would I be her friend or would she try to ignore me and brush me away?”

The monster under my bed only wanted to be my friend, but he didn’t know I would die to meet someone unique and funny as well.

So, one day I took the courage and looked under there, and he was looking towards the other end of the bed.

He got scared when I first spoke, but his lips frowned into a smile when he saw I just wanted to talk.

And from then on, the Monster under my bed became my friend, and with that, adventures passed by every day.

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