Deep ocean skin
Deep ocean skin lgbt stories

raybarcacel A sad writer who only writes about love
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A thought about a girl who never really existed in my life.

Deep ocean skin

My heart exploded the moment I saw her.

Dark skinned, deep as the ocean could get.

Moments after my eyes laid on her, the world got quiet and I got smaller, waiting for the moment I could become hers.

Why oh why should I restrain myself from loving such a wonderful being?

Why should I neglect my thoughts and begin a new life afar from hers?

Why should I stare from the distance and allow her to become a ghost in my life?

Cold and with no real home to be at.

For a moment I understood my reason to be in this world, at this moment. At that moment I understood I needed to be by her side.

So, I walked towards her and said hi.

And this interaction became a conversation that lasted what I thought was years.

And I felt a type of peace I had never felt before.

Her number entered my phone like butter dancing on top of a loaf of bread,

And I understood, finally, that everything was going to be okay.

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