What to say?

What to say? love stories

rayane Smile every day , everywhere😊❤
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Just a random writing

What to say?

Yes , you wanna ask me ,

What to say ?

I've no idea I just don't want to speak

you ,wanna ask me but what to say

Oh , like a tornado my mind is out there what to say ?

My lips , as rose , red enough but words didn't see the light of freedom from there What to say ?

my eyes , full of sense as ocean , where you can swim Will you find the answer you want?

yes , you wanna ask me but What to say ?

My smile , very shy will you know that it's you who drew this smile ? who let me fly ?

What to say ? I just don't want to speak

Open me as a book and you will see that on each page your print is there

that tears melted with sink in a melancholy way singing a secret melody on which my heart dance

Oh ! What to say ?

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