A strange voice
A strange voice  strange voice stories

rayane Smile every day , everywhere😊❤
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A strange voice

I hear this voice again " Who are you ? If you're a friend, come and help me . But if you're an evil , just come and kill me , I don't want more problems ."

I'm tired from battles this life keep suffocating me I feel bad Then

I followed this voice, that was like a melody , until I left my house

" That's so incredible and magnificent like a magic !!" In fact , this amazing voice which was melting in my heart and cooling the pain comes from

"Nature " Our mother Our words Our hope Our poems

Waves push up melodies on the white sand Birds sings the song of liberty Trees stand up without fears Winds are full of vitality

Our Nature is our remedy to cool down now I feel better

Thank you for reading

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