A play
A play life is like a play stories

rayane Smile every day , everywhere😊❤
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A play

You and Me

are part of a play that we can't write for it that we can't be prepared for it

we just play the moment not the story we take simple steps on the beat of music

Musical theater that stems from life's melodies

This is our theater This is where we can sing and act out

Words spill out easily as water comes out to form a cascade

words are easy as wind but our values is in " WHO WE ARE" is in our " HONESTY"

you may keep smiling and then be an evil

You and Me are part of a play where we are friends where we share fraternity where we wipe each other's tears

You and Me are a part of a play where we fall in love a real love that is able to awaken our souls a real love where speeches is left to adjacent hearts

thank you for reading

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