It's hot here... I can hardly see clearly, the air is not clear at all, is this what they call, sand-raining. As far as my sight allows, it sinks indefinitely into nothingness, from my right side, from my left.
It's hot here...
I can hardly see clearly,
the air is not clear at all,
is this what they call, sand-raining.

As far as my sight allows, it sinks indefinitely into nothingness,
from my right side,
from my left.

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Everytime I saw an amazing dream, someone just have to wake me up, or rather, something will bother me and I have to wake up, and I always wish... If only I could return to my dream, it was so nice... Such a waste I didn't see it through the end.

It's hot here... I can hardly see clearly, the air is not clear at all, is this what they call, sand-raining. As far as my sight allows, it sinks indefinitely into nothingness, from my right side, from my left.

In this midst of desert, I'm left...alone I was not alone... Or it's just a feeling. For some reason, It's not really THAT hot for a desert! But... I'm thirsty... And I can't find a dip of water to drink...

"Where am I?" "When did I get here?" "Why did I came here?" I don't know the answer to any of those questions ...or to be more accurate, I can't remember! "... I'm lost" I admit the harsh fact!

Tired of staring at the horizon stretching for seemingly indefinite, I thought I would lie back for the sake of justice... Oh.. it's just what I thought would be fair to do to my body. "Ah...Ouch" Something unpleasant hit my back, oh no, it's a piece of plastic, sticking out! A small piece of mirror too,

"Woahh... How could I have not seen this" a brief moment of relief, but that's all it's about, I was soon sinking into despair... again. I'm thirsty "It's not like I can live without water for a few more days... or wait!!"

I dashed into the ruin that was backing me the whole while without me noticing it... I'm not an observer... "...just more pieces of scrape... I need water... where can I find water" I found absolutely no living sign here...

Why did I even get my hope high, slowly falling back to the floor, I feel my consciousness fading slowly... I'm being dragged... "......" Judging by the slim legs and the light grab of the hands... It's a girl

"....'hey... " "....." She gave me a blank look, and continued to walk with her hands tight around my waist... I felt like I would slip away from her grip any moment... But it didn't happen... It was just my imagination! From where I live... girls aren't this strong... She is incredible... Or... maybe not...

"here..." She can talk! "What-t!" I didn't get her at first She is suggesting to piggyback me, what am I? a kid? Well... I may be the least lively human living in the universe right now, I humbly accept her offer.

*HUMMING* "Hey... Let....'s stop here" A weakling may I be, but I don't want her to carry me all the way, I can walk too... "...almost there..." Even tho I don't have the slightest energy to speak, I force out afew words "...Thank... 'you.."

"We're here...." The door makes a cracking sound like it's old and rusting, She let me down, and offered me a cup of water, "Than... *bulg*... " I poured down my throat all in one shot, delaying my thanks to a bit later.

" Whoa, this is life, you saved me... Thanks" I thanked her with a wide grin, much like the grin of a hardworking student's finally pay off and get a full mark on thier school exam's The next second, I  found my eyes taking flight into hers, and I...

I finally remembered... "Ahhh... I came here to meet you... Miss..." Oh I don't know her name... "Oh... Tiredness of the way made it difficult to remember your name, sorry..." I was quite embarrassed, after all, I even declared I came to meet her, it would seem suspicious to boldly ask what her name was.

"I don't know you..." She is mean, I was truly saddened! "My name is Daisy" She is just straightforward. Oh but I'm sure... I came to meet someone And I was on my way to... Whatever, but since this place was on my way, I had planned to give her a visit. .... My online friend.

I just remembered it... "Oh dude, you're awake... Welcome buddy" If it isn't the sound of a guy,  a middle aged guy! Come to think of it, I'm 24 yrs old, I'm quite aged too.

I look around... a TV box, a library and finally my eyes are fixed, on the tall guy blocking the weak orange light that wants to shine lightly through the room, it's almost evening. "Yo...hehe..." I don't know him. "Is that all? 'Yo?' Buddy? " Did I make him disappointed? I can't apprehend his logic.

"We used to chat for hours a day, and you would say more than that for greetings" He had quite the amazed look. "Did we? Then... About... Daisy?" I didn't know how to advance the conversation " Is she... your girlfriend?" "Don't be silly... She is my little sister..., Did you hit your head into something?"

His reply was shocking! I messed up. Their surname is the same, that is how I mistook him, my best friend for a girl, and it's his sister. " are you Daisy san... I must have hit my head into something... Probably real hard!... that's why If..."

"It's okay... let's stop with the jokes... Are you fine now? and Lisa, would you mind preparing his bed... He need to rest... " He interrupted me, and went back to the other room that seemed to be the kitchen "I will prepare your favorite, Hack-san" He meant me...

"Omelette Breads" was what I had told him is my favorite, To be honest I still love it... But It's been so long I ate it, I have forgotten it's taste... ____ "Itadakimasu..." I look at the plate and wonder if this could full my shrank stomach, not possible even within the rules of physics and math put together.

I can't be rude to say that loud. "Here... You go... a cup of tea" Lisa lending her hands for holding the cups. "It's black tea but we have put a unique sort of nut that make it taste the best" Said Bell "and this is your favorite... Chocolate flavor baked cake... "

With a smile in his face, he delivered the cake, making my jaws feel like melting... "Looks so delish... Woah..." I cried out "I perhaps can't find the right words to show how much I'm grateful... But I'm thankful for the meal" ____ *ZZZZZZZZZ* "This is annoying me... "

The sunlight has risen, flies won't let me a peaceful morning... I had to open my eyes... But I felt... "Oh... It was a dream... Damn you flies... I had such a wonderful dream... did you have to wake me up...!!!" I'm really pissed off... I want to continue my dream and that's why...

*Crawling the bed* I've to go back to sleep, I close my eyes... "...." It's useless... ................

My Dreams are real... Or it feels almost real... To a point I'm scared to dream. I actually wish I never dream... ...Except Expect I really want to go back to my dream I saw this morning... It was wonderful and I really wanted to taste that cake... "Uaghhhh.."

I guess I will take a walk outside ------- "Again wandering these streets?" An old man standing in this corner called out to me, The streets are narrow in this area, which makes people gather mostly in the corners

I'm here to see someone, Actually, an advisor, I was told he is a guy who can help people in need, he lives in an old house in this narrow alley. I took the right turn and headed deeper... I see it's really dark here... Even tho it's day time, some of the houses here have turned on their lamp... The houses are all a few floors tall,

I couldn't blame it on the sunlight for not reaching this abyss. I noticed the time I read on my hand watch, since when am I wearing one? I can't remember well, It's evening... Oh! So that's why it's so dark! My... I'm clueless...

"Not quite... well sure, since it's late... We have to turn the lights on or we would be as good as blind!" Cried to me a familiar voice, I could only be amused... Looking to the left, I'm for some reason filled with joy. But at the same time, confused! "...who ....are you? D-Dear?"

"... Did you forget me already? It hadn't been a few days we met... At the canals" He continued rising his voice by a several decibels* "We got into the storms and escaped just fine... It was such a thrill..." He is finally calming down, and with all his might he pat a hand on my back.

"Did you take a good rest?" He asked "R-Rest?" I was certainly more confused... "Ah... I had a dream this morning... No actually it was this evening and when I came to be awake... I felt tired... Tho my body was in perfect condition... So I wanted to go on a walk... I heard a smart guy is living nearby... And here I'm"

"Oh... You're here to see Ali, he is not home, maybe you want to wait for him" He offered me to enter his small reception area, looked like he is the security policeman of this street. "It's a hot weather... Even with these fans... I cannot chill" continued the policeman I just met... Or at least according to my memory.

It's good he is a police officer, I can just call him officer, problem solved "Hey, kiddo, take this box upstairs, a delivery box for Mama" "Hai... Officer Vigilant" Pf-ft , I didn't him notice so I hold it back "Officer is enough..."

"Hai... Officer" and the next moment, Karta, took off with a forward dash as if he is in a march! He is screwing around! Who is Karta? You may ask. to avoid giving you unwanted spoilers, I'm just going to shut up! for the while, think of him as an errand boy. a kindhearted, yet mischievous type.

The officer's name fits his job perfectly This is one of the rare occurrences that's not rare for the sake of being rare, it served a purpose. He must have been named that so he would become a Vigilant after all _____

"It's getting late, does Ali usually comes home this late?" I asked the officer after nearly half an hour passing. "Eh...h... No... Something must have happened... I don't have an idea... Are you in a hurry to get home? Well you could visit some other time" "I have waited for this long I will wait a little more..."

Tho I'm tired! I find my body in perfect condition, but my mind is still a bit hazy, Black... Red... Purple... I see rainbows and scatters of those colors going in circles and spirals on my mind... I wonder if I'm not going crazy... And I'm here seeking advice from this Ali Guy I have heard of many times.

I doze off, and force my eyes to open-wide... But It's all blurry.... my vision... maybe I will sleep for a little.... ______ "Hey. Shouldn't we turn off the lights" "Bell... Why not let him sleep on your bed, and you can use my bed too" It's alright by me"

I heard Lisa and Bell conversing, I think I'm back Yeyy, I really wanted to come back! But... I think I missed the whole meal time Or wait... Is it even the same day, I can just ask them but I shouldn't, it's late... I will do in the morning!

Crawling right and left, some other's bed is never as comfy as your own, so it's giving me a hard time to fall asleep. It should be like that, but actually I don't mind such nonsense, I can sleep wherever and whenever I want, without being disturbed by the surrounding factors, not even an environmental crisis will wake me up,

Wait-t I'm not implying I can sleep safe and sound even with the presence of a wild dog. There were times I despised Dogs and Cats all together, now I'm fine with seeing them in pictures...or maybe in real life too.

But right now, I'm not in a situation to look out for that, nor am I looking out for cockroaches or queen ants that could come out of their nest any moment from those the cracks of the wall, holes in the ground, Or are there any of such sort! I'm delusional enough to see the unseen! No... I just need to use the bathroom

I still don't know where it is, and I don't really want to wake them again... I'm a man of culture, I can defeat any creature that harm none, and fly from those that harm one. It's pitch black outside... But that's because my eyesight is still not used to it... It's going to be fine, I thought

*Crgbh..* Oh sorry... I think I trampled upon something... "It can't be!! Did I step on..." Looks like I stepped on what I was looking forward so much earlier this evening!

Seems like I didn't eat the Chocolate Flavored Cake "Left overs, and it's half of the cake" I let out, disappointingly without thinking.. What AM I DOING saying this loud It's a waste now

More importantly, I need to find the bathroom, Making my way through the rooms, I'm finally out Or no! Where is this place... It's the same desert, the only house here is this house I'm staying My Friend's House

And I turned left The sight surprised me, I was a bit taken back It's not like I got afraid... Just so you know whoever is reading this... The only thing I'm afraid of is bugs! "Ah.... It's you!" I shouted as the sudden sight of the person standing next to me.

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