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So this dream is interesting. Welp... have fun reading this.


I was taking a walk. I wore my favorite black and white, flowered, men's shirt and my regular, blue, paint-stained shorts. I had short, blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

My sister had long, brown hair and deep blue eyes. Me and my sister had recently become apart of a wolf gang.

My sister is obsessed with wolves and one day found a spell to turn us into werewolves. She had tried this before, but nothing happened. This time, it worked.

We felt different as the days went by. Teeth went sharp. Smells became way more enhanced. Then, we transformed. We could control when to transform, but not what into.

I was an ochre colored wolf with the top faded slight blue. My sister was a yellow-golden fading into a bright ochre and black paws. She had red stripes on her neck, legs, and forehead.

Me and my sister were taking a walk down a road, towards the dollar store. A girl walked by and our faces lit up. We smelled something that seemed familiar, but different.

We followed her from a distance and she led us to a wolf gang. We introduced ourselves and were able to join. The only problem was, we were much less obedient than everyone else.

My sister was calm about everything and I was ready to fight. The three top wolves didn't like this very much.

The alpha, Vivian, was a white wolf with black front paws, snout, and long stripes on her back. As a human, she had long, straight, black hair with pale white skin and bright green eyes.

Her minions, Milly and Kara, were her defense and offense. Milly was a giant, built like a rock. She had a blonde pixie haircut and was as muscular as can be.

She had freckles covering her nose and cheeks with silver-grey eyes and fairly pale skin. Her wolf self was golden, with a short tail. Kara had caramel skin and long, wavy, black hair.

Her eyes were a deep brown-black and she had freckles spread out across her skin. Neither liked us. Milly only listened to Kara and Vivian and nobody else.

Kara tried her hardest to follow exactly in Vivian's footsteps. Back to present time, I was walking. A long howl rose from the edge of the forest. The sound stunned me and I knew what it meant.

"Attack." I sprinted home as fast as I could. I ran into the house and locked the door. I ran upstairs, turned on my room light and my parent's room light and locked those doors.

I ran into my sister's room to find my sister sitting on her bed. I locked the door quickly and waited. Thundering footsteps running towards the house echoed loudly.

My sister was surprisingly calm... Or drunk. Or high. She clumsily stood up and walked towards me. I explained everything I knew and said we had gotten in trouble somehow. She laughed silently.

Banging on the front door began. I had an idea. I grabbed a few bottles from her closet. "We gotta dye our hair." My sister stood up, suddenly sober.

Her hair was her pride, her dignity, her life! She was stunned I'd ever even say that. I grabbed a few bottles. There were purple, green, black, and blue. I began dying her hair.

She cried the whole way through and didn't question me. Once I was finished, I dyed over her stripes in her wolf form. She did the same to me. My sister now had purple hair, fading into blue.

Her stripes were no longer there. I had now green hair with black spots and a few black stripes. I explained to her my plan.

"We'll cut our hair into hairstyles we would never have in a billion years. We climb out the window and landed safely and silently. We'll rushed around the back and all the way down the street.

We rush over and ask what is happening. Once somebody will have told us, we start joining in on the ruckus, as a disguise. Got it?" She nodded quickly. I picked up scissors.

Just then, the door bashed open. Milly grabbed our shirts and pulled us out. Vivian stared at us for a moment and nodded towards the stairs.

Kara grabbed my sister and chucked her down the stairs, leaving a giant bruise on her arm. Milly picked me up and chucked me down, along with her.

Our little brother grabbed my sister, placed her down, and grabbed me. He lifted my head to see a giant, bleeding cut down my forehead. He got angry and started yelling at them.

My parents' car pulled up in the driveway quickly and they both rushed inside and gasped. My mom grabbed my brother and my dad started kicking people out, aggressively.

A few weeks later, I hadn't seen a sign of Vivian or Kara. Milly came every so often to just stare up at my window from the driveway. My cut had healed mostly, but it still looked bad. I had decided to keep my green hair. It looked good on me. My mom let me cut it really short, too!

For once, I think Milly had realized how she had actually hurt people. I never left the house. I was too afraid. My parents tried everything, but I wouldn't leave. They were out there.

Hundreds of them. Wolves. And now, I couldn't get rid of what this spell had caused.

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