The Dance
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This is about a dream I had last night. I don't know her name and I didn't leave out any details. Have fun reading!

The Dance

I walked to the florist right beside the arcade. I knew she'd be there, playing arcade games. It was already 7pm, but she didn't care.

I'd known her forever and it was obvious I wanted to go to the dance with her. She had long, vivid blonde hair, and gorgeous green eyes.

She always wore her "lucky red cap" to the arcade as a Simpsons reference. She always wore ripped leggings and either a plaid jacket or a black shirt.

Today she wore a blue shirt with a plaid jacket hung over the side of the gaming machine. I looked at the flowers and realized I had forgotten my money at home.

I picked a small purple flower while the florist was busy. I tossed it over towards her and hid in fear.

I started looking around at other flowers, when she came in and sat down beside me on the bench. She looked.. happy? She never blushed, so I had to try to read her facial expressions.

I was an open book with my emotions. I was shocked. She handed me the flower and said "Next time, don't throw an actual weed towards me." We both started laughing. "So..." I eventually said.

"Does this mean...?" She watched me for a second and then said "Yes." She stood up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me away. We kept walking and walking. I could only focus on her hand holding mine.

She brought me to a tailor shop. We walked around, trying on dresses and suits and laughing our heads off. She found one she liked so much, she wouldn't show me.

We started walking back when we spot my dad. He saw me, too. He looked like he was hiding his anger. He'd always been against his daughter being with another girl. So has my mom.

He looked at his watch and said "What time is it.. Riley?" I looked at my phone and saw 7:41. I hurried out of there as he yelled at me. She ran outside the tailor shop and watched me run, sadly.

I caught my mom walking to the tailor shop and we walked home together. She gave me a lecture about how I was only a teenager and how I should never be with a woman.

"God created man to go with women." She would say. I didn't care and I didn't listen. I just kept saying "Yes, ma'am." "uh-huh" and "I know" over and over. I was busy thinking.

I knew what I wanted to wear. My white dress with blue flowers all over it. It had a high-cut front and black and blue stripes at the bottom.

I was to wear purple weeds in my short braid, separated from the rest of my hair.

I would wear my black legging that only go right below my knees and a white collared shirt with no sleeves underneath the top, and a short, black tie I'd been saving.

The perfect mix of girly and masculine. I loved it. My mom continued talking as I stared at the ground, unaware of what she'd been saying.

I just kept nodding and staring and planned my great escape on the night of the dance, which was also tomorrow. I knew what I'd have to do.

I would pack my bags tonight and leave for the dance, and leave my home. I had to be with her. Forever.

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