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raskolsnapolean I am a 19 year old English major.
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My week in review.

Week Review

by raskolsnapolean

Early morning classes, man

I say early morning, but my earliest class is at 9:00 AM. I nap a lot, but maybe I should try drinking more coffee?

I ended up with more to do than I expected.

As the semester marches steadily on, the work begins piling up. I haven't lost (much) of my motivation, but it's becoming a bit overwhelming.

Educational Psychology, for instance, is kicking my ass.

Aside from a required 20 hours of observation, I have an hour of homework nearly every night.

My Environmental Science course is pretty cool, though.

I was told it would be impossible, but I'm finding it fairly agreeable. I have a midterm coming up, so I'll have to see what happens with that. So far, so good.

Of course I love my American Literature course.

That's my major! We're about to start reading Moby Dick.

Spanish is hard.

As the above suggests, Spanish is hard. I really enjoy the language, though, and I hope it will get easier over time.

Moving away from school...

I went to the doctor for a checkup and they discovered a nodule on my thyroid. I really don't know what that means.

It's probably benign and, if so, there's no problem.

I will have to get it checked again in a few months.

Fall is almost here!

I had a pretty boring week, but fall is creeping up on the mountains. I can't wait for Halloween and the leaves to change colors. My boyfriend and I like to go apple picking!

Here's hoping for a great week!

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