Concealed Firearm
Concealed Firearm poem stories

rasheedf Community member
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We all carry a concealed firearm. Figure out how you want to use yours.

Concealed Firearm

No! I will not attach a silencer on to my firearm I want my target to hear the ruffling sounds of the bullet as it approaches them.

No! I will not add a scope to increase the precision of my firearm What comes out of this firearm carries power and will hit anyone as long as it's heard.

No! I will not label my firearm as concealed For I am not ashamed and flaunt this firearm proudly.

My firearm is one of a kind and projects more love than it can do harm When fired it penetrates through walls of insecurities of an individual

The bullets soar through negativity and uplift anyone shot. My Firearm can steer death back to life

So Yes! I will always use my firearm when things are heading south My firearm is greater than any weapon it is the words that come out my mouth.

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