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How cool would be to a friendcrow?


I was passing by a farm and saw a scarecrow. Stopped the car and just stare at it.

I was there, looking, for at least ten minutes.

Just remembering...

Those old days.

The sun rushing trought the golden fields.

The smell of fresh leaves breezing in the air.

And me...

A tiny young boy.

Spending summer with grandpa and granny.

Nobody to play.

No one to talk.

Just those scary figures.

Old clothes.

Messy hat.

Dazzed eyes.

At firts I could not look.

During the night I kept imagine it peeking at my window.

In the morning I swear it has changed their position.

And everyday I wished one bird just take it to the ground.

Day by day.

Summer by summer.

The fear fadded.

And it was me who took the initiative.

Sitting on front of the scarecrow.

Staring at that funny face.

Asking him why such a bad taste in fashion.

Me and him sharing a smile.

During the night I wish him good dreams.

In the morning I had my cereals next to him.

And everyday I cursed all the birds that passed by.

I could not take my eyes of him.

Day by day.

Summer by summer.

The friendship has grown.

And I've won my friendcrow.

No idea when I stopped going to the south. To my grandpa house.

No idea since when I have not seen my friendcrow.

But I know how important it was that unorthodox friendship.

Having someone to listen, to share, to care.

The childhood is this amazing place.

Where we can make friends everywhere.

We don't care about looks, rationality or even if they are inanimated.

We need someone, we create someone.

Now, while staring at this scarecrow.

I realized why I stopped.

I don't miss my friendcrow.

I just miss having a friend.

Someone who stays with me no matter what.

Who stands next to me without making questions.

That shoulder to cry on.

That smile to laugh with.

I need to take those dark birds out of my head.

Start sharing my dreams.

Laughing together trough life.

I need a friendcrow.

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