That landing in Canada.
That landing in Canada. cold stories
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raphaelrandhee My time to write as a total weeb.
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Malaysia, my home, But an oven with no snow,

That landing in Canada.

Malaysia, my home,

But an oven with no snow,

Blaze until my tomb,

I got used to it,

There wasn't a traffic jam,

Due to 1 foot snow,

Malaysia, my home,

But, a young one wants to meet COLD,

Plane tickets, I got.

Destination? Where?

A magical place, that's where!

Canada's the name.

"Canada's cold, right?"

My sister questioned me, curious.

"Absolutely yes!"

Smug and all, I went

to the land of PARADISE!!!

horror struck me fast though,

Like a pelican,

That stole my sandwich and ham,

The season, my luck...

It had struck summer!?

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