Your Mine~ Katsuki x Neko Izuku
Your Mine~

                       Katsuki x Neko Izuku cute stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Kachan turned Izuku into a cat-human and is now Kachans!

Your Mine~ Katsuki x Neko Izuku

Kachan bumped into Izuku and fell on top of him,"Oh oops, clumsy me, sorry" Kachan said said with a smirk. He was thinking that he could finally do what he was wanting to do."Its okay Kach-" Izuku was starting to say with a smile. Kachan forced Izuku to fall asleep, he brought him to his place and turned Izuku into a cat-human then putted a collar on him. Izuku woke up and looked terrified of his tail.

"What did you do to me" Izuku asked examining his new body." Well I made you my pet, duh, thats why your wearing a collar" Kachan said evily laughing. Izuku discovered that Kachan was wearing sweatpants and went straight for the strings. This made Kachan pants go down,"HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Kachan yelled angrily but blushing, looking at Izuku.

Izuku continued happily playing with Kachans pants strings not letting Kachan have them back."Arg great those were my only clean sweatpants..." Kachan said sounding a bit sad. Izuku stopped playing with his sweatpants,"Do you want me to clean your clothes?" I you said looking adorable."No you can't my parents would kill me"

Kachan said sighing as he wished he could of. Lachlan got up with his dirty load of laungery and went of. Izuku went wandering around Kackans room looking to do something. He finds a brown journal with a UFO on it. Izuki started to hear Kackans footprints and putted the journal in his hoodies pocket.

"Were you doing naughty when I was gone kitty?" Kackan said looking at Izuku, "No I haven't Kachan" Izuku said sitting up straight. Kachan petted Izukus tail "Nya~~!" Izuku said with the cutest face with him blushing. Kachan froze for a minute, he was thinking how cute that was right there. Kachan looked at the time and saw it was past midnight.

"We got to go to bed we got school tomorrow" Kachan said, Izuku nodded and curled up to a ball on a chair. Kachan kissed Izukus forehead and went to sleep.

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