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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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I was walking, then everything got blurry. I wake up in a room, a dozen were too. We were having to kill one another to survive, and I don't want to kill anybody... but for some reason, I do it without thinking...(10+, violence and blood will be in these series, this also takes a bit to read, so you also been warned of that too, but the story is good.)

Why Go?

I was walking into my house, then everything got blurry. I saw a tall thing, I couldn't get much describe much since everything was getting blurry.

I wake up and I wasn't at my house anymore, it was like a mid ages prison. I saw a key and I reached to grab it.

I heard somebody..."Don't go yet~, the game hasn't started." The voice said.

The cells opened up, a dozen people peek their heads out.

"Uh... hello." I said as I was walking out of the cell.


Everybody jumped, we look back and the doors of our cells are closed again.

"Since we all are ready let's start the "fun" game." The voice said, I looked around.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" I yelled, shaking with fear.

"No one that you know~, now let's get back to the game." The voice replied.

Everybody stayed there, not knowing how to react. I was one of them.

"You all will have weapons, somebody must die or store filled with children, and families will get blown up." The voice said after they started to laugh.

"N-no..." I said, as the gun drops in front of me.

"We have to. It's the rule of the game." An old lady said, grabbing my gun. She took the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

I stared at her dead body, with brains all over the black floor.

"Oh, no....." I said, walking away from the body.

I walked backward and hit the wall.

"LET US OUT!" I yelled, banging on the wall.

"But the game only just started, why go?" The voice said again with a chuckle.

I was breathing heavily, scared. People stared at each other.

"Its kill or be killed either way~." The voice added.

A knife dropped in front of me.

"One of these people has killed a child and a baby. You must guess and kill them if you all want to live." The voice said.

I look at the people, then the knife. I grabbed the knife.

I looked for somebody that had dry blood on them. Nobody did.

"Ok, does somebody hates kids and babies?" I said this was the only way.

"I hate them!" A tall male said.

I walked up to him," Any last words?" I said looking in his eyes.

"No, only that I wish you all good luck..." The man said, smiling.

I stabbed him.

"Go ahead, stab him some more." The voice said, laughing.

I stabbed him more," Congrats, he did kill a child and a baby, on accident~." The voice said laughing louder at my failure.

I stared at the dead body," A-am sorry..." I said starting to feel tears dripping from my cheeks.

"There is still a murder in here that killed a child and a baby, on purpose~" The voice said, turning something on.

We all fell down a different hole.

I was in a room, there laid buttons. One killed the youngest, another one killed 13-18, and the last one killed 19+.

"Pick a button and you live, you got eight minutes~." The voice said.

Hey guys, if you finished this damn 2685 letters part congrats! I hope it was worth it to read, shoutout to @galaxy2 for making me come up with this idea, and thanks to @donut for being there to talk to me, see you all in the next part! Also, these series would be updated at least daily! Bye!

ransdom_fujohi out

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