Why Go?
Why Go? horror stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Part 2

Why Go?

I looked at each and one of the buttons. I looked at the wall and saw a poster. It said hang on.

I smiled at the poster. I then placed my hand on a button. I heard a scream.

Something in me made me felt good hearing the scream, I ignored the feeling.

A ladder appeared and I climb up, seeing 9 people doing it too. I got on the floor.

The trap doors closed, not one though. The dead body parts went flying out of it.

I gasped at the body parts everywhere. I felt horrible seeing the body but somewhere in my body felt good.

I sat down with my hands at my head, rocking back and fourth not knowing what has happened.

The voice laughed and a small thing appeared in front of a child.

The child picked it up, then tears went rushing out of their eyes. "M-mommy and d-d-daddy is dead...?!" the child said, dropping the small thing with two people deadd.

The child dropped on their knees, begging that all of this is a joke.

A knife appeared in front of the child, the girl looked at it, then at all of us.

"Go on, you must feel so heart broken that you need to give anger on somebody." The voice said.

The girl picked it up, looked at the picture. "I-I wanna be with my parents..." She mumbled under her breathe.

She stabbed herself in her stomach, laughing while crying. Everybody watched the girl commuting suicide.

The voice laughed so evily. I stared at the dead girls body with her blooding spreading.

Everybody looked like they where going to start to cry, she was just a small child.

She didn't know what was going on at all. "Only eight people left, who will get to escape?" The voice said.

People where already crying when the voice said that, and I... I was just standing their emotionless. Not having any reaction to what just happened.

I looked at the speaker, thinking who it could be.

Hey you all, this is the end of part 2, hope you all like it and sorry its long. I just hope it was good. See you all in part 3!

ransdom_fujohi out

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