The Flower crown. Reader x Depressed Papyrus
The Flower crown. 

      Reader x Depressed Papyrus the flower crown stories

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ooh~ wat about u read me (ಥ﹏ಥ)

The Flower crown. Reader x Depressed Papyrus

~Your POV~ You fell down a big hole, you were pushed by your sister. The last words you remember were,"I hate you, but now, you won't live". It felt like you were falling forever. You finally felt the ground, you broke your arm though."SHIT IT HURTS" You yelled in pain,"Bro did you heard that" you heard. You tried to run but you were in too much pain, you started to cry.

You fainted, the last thing you felt was sadness and most likely thought you died. You woke up in a nice house."O-oh, your awake now" you heard, the voice sounded like music to your ears. You blushed slightly. You saw one tall skeleton with a Long sleeve shirt with the cutest scarf ever. And one small skeleton with a blue hoodie and a white shirt with "My bro is the coolest" on it."Yeah, am up" I said smiling

~Papyrus POV~ "Well... Am gonna go make some spaghetti now" I said with a fake smile, I didn't want my big brother worry about me. When I reached the kitchen I quickly searched for the knifes. I found one and rolled up my sleeve, I sighed. I examine all the cuts I did to my bone. I started doing some,"Hey can I he- LE GASP" I heard behind me. I dropped the knife and quickly putted my sleeve down.

It was the human, it looked like she/he was starting to cry. She/he quickly ran up to me and hugged me. I blushed,"I-I made you a-a flower crown" the human said, she/he placed it on my head, the blush crept on my face, I quickly hugged her/he then started crying.

Hey ya'll

If you drink or cut sadness away...


Why you ask?

Cuz you are great.

Byeeeee UwU

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