Science Love ❦ ♥Science x Fell ❦ ♥ 4
Science Love
 ❦ ♥Science x Fell ❦ ♥
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Science Love ❦ ♥Science x Fell ❦ ♥ 4

❦ ♥Science POV ❦ ♥ I was changing and I heard a knock on my door,"Come in, only if you are my bro, or my pancake" I said."Okay nerd~". Fell walked in my room and saw I didn't have a shirt on, he had a nosebleed straight away."I can clean it" he said, I hugged him "Nah, I can do it Felly" I said. I looked at his face and saw he was frozed. I stopped hugging him and Fell just fell.-----------------------------------------------------

❦ ♥Fell POV ❦ ♥ While Science was cleaning I was thinking about a date we could do. When he was done,"Hey Science, would you like to go on a d-date" I asked,"Of course silly~" Science said cheerfully. We went out of Science room and went to the movies." What movie are we gonna watch" Science said."A romantic horror" I said. Science looked at me then smiled.--------------------

❦ ♥Science POV ❦ ♥ When we went in the movie theater we got popcorn and a soda we could share.(Movie) "Hey Sen-Chan~" Sophi-Chan said happily."Hey Sophi-Chan, guess what. Am bi" Sen-Chan said cheerfully. Sophi-Chan saw Sen-Chan talking to a boy, then flirting. Then Sen-Chan left,"Follow me Yenn-Chan" I said, Yenn-Chan followed Sophi-Chan. Sophi-Chan killed him. She killed everybody.------

❦ ♥Fell POV ❦ ♥ When the movie was over Science wanted to go to the mall. So we went to the mall. Then he went to buy a outfit,"Lets go to my place" When we got there Science was wearing a-a really, REALLY sexy maid outfit.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thats all for now~! I really hoped you like it UoU!!!! Likee and foollow please if you do like this series! Bye~!

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