~Not The Right Feeling~ Chapter 1- 3 Papysans
~Not The Right Feeling~

                                          Chapter 1- 3
                                                 Papysans ~not the right feeling~ stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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If you do NOT like dis ship cuz they are brothers guess what... THEY AREN'T. I done research and found out when they we're kids they PRETENDED to be brothers! TAKE DAT HATERS!

~Not The Right Feeling~ Chapter 1- 3 Papysans

~Chapter 1: The Battle~

Papyrus POV The human had a knife with blood on it."H-human, put the knife on the floor, it looks better like that" I said,"I know you want to kill me, but I still believe in you" I said smiling. The human had tears rolling down their cheek."Frisk isn't here, it's me, Chara" the human said still crying but with a smile. They tried to attack, but they

missed."Everybody that I killed will just reset and DIE all over again" the human said, I know there is no more Frisk in their. So I attack them. They didn't even got hit. I screamed for Frisk,"I TOLD YOU, THERE IS NO FR-" Chara was saying angrily,"PAPY~" Frisk screamed. I figured out how to get Frisk back.

~Chapter 2: Betrayal~

I screamed for Frisk, they came running to me. I hugged them, but it was all a trick. Frisk stabbed me with the knife they had."Fool, I could still control one arm" Chara said. Frisk got on their knees and started crying."P-P-Pap-Papyrus" they stumbled."I-I will r-reset" they added. Frisk POV I reset, I choose all the good decisions, I promise I would visit goat mom

Then I finally got to Papyrus. I hugged him so tight."S-Sans help meee~!" Papyrus said. Sans made my soul blue and I fell to the floor. "I, the great Papyrus, will capture you human!" Papyrus said,"Nyehehe" he added. I just went in the cage,"I am captured" I said."Well that was easy" Papyrus said happily to Sans, but it looked like Sans was blushing.

~Chapter 3: Home~

Sans POV We got home with the human,"So what's your name human?" I asked,"O-oh my name is Frisk" Frisk said with a smile,"Are you a boy?" Papyrus asked to Frisk."I don't know..." they replied. Papyrus got up from the couch and went to the kitchen to make spaghetti. Frisk was on the phone so I went and followed Papyrus.

Papyrus POV I saw Sans coming in,"Oh hey Sans~!" I said smiling."He-hey Paps..." Sans was saying with blue on his face,"I LOVE YOU, AND NOT HOW A BROTHER SHOULD." Sans added with even more blue on his face. "S-Sans... I-I" I was saying, I couldn't react, I didn't KNOW how to react."Sans we're brothers" I said, I had a crush on him for years... But it was

never meant to be.

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