My Bully Loves Me Draco x Harry Yaoi 2
My Bully Loves Me
Draco x Harry
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My Bully Loves Me Draco x Harry Yaoi 2

Narrator: Draco slowely putted his hands on Harrys hip's, he leaned in for another kiss. Then started to kiss Harry's neck."D-Draco... were outside people could see this: Harry said moaning. Draco: Your right nerd. Harry: *Blushes* So... um we should get to studying. Draco: Oh yeah!

A hour later Draco: EWEWEWEWEW! Why do girls bodies work like thaaat?! Harry: I agree... but now we need to learn more about male bodies... Draco: Yaay can't wait. Harry: *Grabs book about males*

A hour later Draco: Well we finished our work, lets go back to the school. Harry: Y-yeah. In the school. Draco: Soo Harry. Harry: Yes si- Draco: *Grabs Harry then goes in the haunted bathroom.

Harry: U-u-u-u-u-um... D-D-Draco... what are you doi- Draco: *Kisses Harry* *Puts hands on Harry's waist* Harry: *Blushes* *Shock* Draco: *Stops* Do you love me...? Harry: *Blushes* Y-yes...

Draco: Then lets have a good~ time. Harry: *Blushes harder* R-really...? Draco: Yes~ nerd, why would I lie something about that? Harry: (Mind: I feel like hes treating me very fragile and like a prince...)

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Draco: *Stops* May I see what you are packing~ nerd...? Harry: U-u-uh... D-d-don't laugh... *Takes off shirt first* Ron: We can do the spell in he-. Hermione: Why did you sto-... OMGGGGGG *sqeals*! Ron: WHY ARE YOU HAPPY? THIS IS FORBIDEN, THEY ARE ENEMIES.

Hermione: Dude, let Harry be gay for Draco Malfoy. I been shipping this so don't mess it up. Ron: AAAARG. *Leaves bathroom* Hermione: Sooo what were you guys gonna do~ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°). Harry: *Blushes in embarrassment*

Draco: COME HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU. Harry: Don't Draco, let her be. Draco: Fine~~. Hermione: Tell me when you guys have kids~, also I would love to be a aunt for them. Draco: Why you... Harry: Draco.

Will Harry get pregnet next time? Will Draco kill Hermione? Would Hermione still want to be Harrys future kids aunt? Find out in part 3 near your Commaful!

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