My Bully Loves Me Draco x Harry Yaoi 1
My Bully Loves Me
Draco x Harry
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Ah. A Drarry ship. Well, lets get through this madness already I don't have all day!!!!

My Bully Loves Me Draco x Harry Yaoi 1

Draco: Hey nerd, wheres the homework you did for me. Harry: O-oh! Um... here it is sir *gives homework to Draco*. Draco: Good~. *Gets close to Harry's face* See you later. Harry: *Blushes* O-o-okay sir... Meme of the yaoi next page

George Be Like Wtf: XD Don't ask why I added this.

George: *Backs up* (Mind: What the f😳😳k did I just witnessed?) Harry: *Turns around* Oh George! Can we talk? George: Uhh... Well um I hehe have to do some... uh... homework, yeah homework! Byee. Harry: Ooookay George.

Draco: *Sees Harry* Sup nerd. Harry: Sup. Draco: I need you to be my partner... Harry: For what sir? Draco: Well, we need to learn how the male and female bodys work *blushes*. Harry: *Blushes* Oh, okay sir.

At the schools library Draco: Darn, I can't find any thing that can help us know how males and females bodies work! ARG. Harry: *Finds yaoi* *Puts in bag then blushes* Draco: Have you found anything? Harry: O-oh, n-no s-sir...

Draco: If you say so *gets close to Harry*, I guess we have to go to a store... Harry: Yeah sir... At store Harry: *Finds yaoi* Oh. My. GOD! Draco: What? Did you find it? Harry: No... sir sorry.

Draco: *Looks at what was making Harry go screaming* Whats a "yaoi"? Harry: *Gasp* Well, I am gonna buy this yaoi and I will let you read it before me. Draco: Okay Harry. Draco: Hey I found it! Harry: Really?!

Draco: Yeah~! Harry: Cool! Lets just buy this stuff and go study under a tree. Under a tree Draku: Soo... *Gets close to Harry* Harry: Yes si- Dracu: *Blushes* *Kisses Harry*.

] What would happened next?! What will happen to Harry? WILL HARRY BE RAPED? Find out in part 2~ coming soon in Commaful.

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