Flamin Hot Body Underlust Grillby x Lust
Flamin Hot Body

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18+ (unless you are use to yaoi)

Flamin Hot Body Underlust Grillby x Lust

{WARNING} If you all don't know what UnderLust is I will tell you some stuff I got on google... Underlust is an AU that talks about various polemic subjects and stuff people usually avoid to talk about, like rape, abortion, violence, homosexuality, and explores how the characters deal with these and how it affects not only its victims but the people around them.

Lust: *Walks in Grillby's* Grillby: What will you like today Lust~? Lust: (Mind: Hmm~... I got to make a pun and a flirt at the same time...) You. Grillby: *Blushes hard* Well... I guess am available~ Lust: *Blushes*...

Mettaton: Why am I always surrounded by sluts? Monster Kid: This AU is filled with sluts girl. Mettaton: Whats a "AU"? {In the Grillbys closet} Grillby: So what will it be, doggie style... or any other style? Lust: D-Doggie style.

(Writers note) Okay I am not gonna add in the god darn scene cause I aint getting my first nose bleed ever in one scene XD I hope you enjoy this so far UwU {Moments later} Papyrus: Hey Lust you in there bro~? Lust: U-UH COMING. *Pushes away and gets dressed*

Papyrus: C'mon Lust *goes through door* we dont ha- ooh~ how come you didn't text me to join~ Grillby: Sup Paps. Lust: Okay am ready to go home. See you later Sexy! Grillby: He called me sexy... {On the walk home} Papyrus: So how was the sex?

Lust: It was good. Papyrus: Man text me the next time you two are having sex, I would love to join. Lust: I will try Paps, I will try...

Hey guys tell me if it was really cringy cuz I dont know, also I hoped you liked it~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bye~!

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