Blue and Purple Doggy x Bunny Part 1 <3
Blue and Purple
                    Doggy x Bunny
Part 1 <3 doggyxbunny stories
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Blue and Purple Doggy x Bunny Part 1 <3

{<Bunny POV>} When I was walking out of my house I saw Doggy,"Doggy! Over here" I yelled. Doggy turned then he walked over to me."Hey Bunny! Were are you going" Doggy asks."Oh... am looking for Gorge, he went missing" I said."Same, lets look together" Doggy said. I nodded. We walked to Peppa's house. We saw somebody getting out of the car."This is were Gorge was last seen"

{<Player POV>} I heard a oink. It got dark,"PEPPA WHAT THE FUCK" somebody said. I heard two smacks. I woked up in Peppa's house. There were two other people, one was a bunny, and the other is a dog."Who are you, and what are you doing" I asked,"Am Doggy and she's Bunny" Doggy said. Such funny name's."Am looking for Gorge" I said,"Same here" Doggy and Bunny said.

{<Peppa POV>} I heard talking in the room, it's time to fully kill them."Come on~, what are you waiting for~, let me KILL you" I said out loud. I heard a thump, then the bedroom door opens it was the player falling. My pupil turned white, then I giggled, then it turned red again."Their you are Player~" I said. She looked up at me, she was blushing with tears rolling down her cheeks.

{<Doggy POV>} The player went upstairs, I followed her, cause I had a weapon. She went in a vent. There was a drop and it went in the kitchen. She found some things we needed to escape. Bunny had the rest of the stuff we needed. We went to the door did the stuff we had to do. We went out."WAIT DON'T" Peppa yelled, we all looked back she was on her knees and was crying. We had to move.

That's all for now! Make sure to follow @luigimario! Bye~ UwU!

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