Angelic Devil
Angelic Devil bowuigi stories
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Angelic Devil

K guys this is a message you MUST read. Me and gachauwu are doing a collab with eachother. So make sure to go on her page to read the even parts!

♥Luigi POV♥ Mario was captured with Peach, nobody could save them, only me. I went throught the levels, I almost died eight times when I finally got to the castle. Bowser was somehow a... cat? Man I was so outdated. I grabbed a fire power up and was ready to fight. I was making progress... I am winning., but then he jumped I looked up and... I felt weak... ---------------------------------------

♥Bowser Pov♥ He stopped moving. He was blushing. I couldn't m-move either..."Y-you can have t-them b-back". I gave them back, and some how... I wanted too. Luigi still couldn't move, Mario picked him up and left."Daddy~ why did you let them go" Jr asked."I-I don't know... I c-can make us some Lui- I MEEN, steak with mash-potatoes". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

♥Luigi POV♥ "Hey bro, what happened out there" Mario asked,"N-nothing, big bro". I couldn't get Bowser out of my mind... no, am n-not in love with h-him... r-right? Oh god, Mario would hate me... forever.

Yes, I know it's short but it would take me 2 days to do a longer then 6 pages! Well, see ya'll in part 3!

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