A Softie For You Undyne x Toriel 4
A Softie For You
Undyne x Toriel
4 a softie for you stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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A Softie For You Undyne x Toriel 4

Sans: I should of never dragged you into this...*Tears start to roll down cheeks* Undyne: I-i-its fine Sans... Doctor Dream: Were losing her! Undyne: T-T-T-Toriel I lo- Toriel: *Kisses Undyne*

Undyne: ! Frisk: Sorry am la-... *Takes pic* Now when we go back I am making this into a yuri. Sans: Oh this is TOR-rific ! Toriel: *Stops kissing Undyne* Mmm~, did you know you taste yummy~...? Sans: Lets get out.

Frisk: Nuuuuuuu my even more cuter yuri I could of dooone... Undyne: T-T-To-Toriel... Toriel: Oh... you d-don't like me b-back *sniff*... Undyne: N-no Toriel its not l-like that... Toriel: THATS A-

Undyne: *Grabs Toriels hand and makes her fall on top of me* Toriel: ...*Blushes* Undyne: I do l-love you... *blushes* Toriel: Weres your proof. Sans: Shh Frisk its getting to da good part~!

Undyne: *Kisses Toriel* *Blushes* Toriel: !!!! Sans: C'mon guys, you can do that later the kiddo wants to go home. Toriel: *Pushes Undyne away* Okay we're coming. At Sans house

Toriel: Here you are human, your home. Frisk: Thank you mom. Sans: Hey kiddo do you mind if I go somewhere for the night? Frisk: No... why? Sans: Byeee *Teloports to UnderFell*

Fell: WELL FUCK YOU TOO BOSS. Sans: What happened? Fell: We and the boss got in a fight... and now I can't be in the house until he says so... Sans: You can live with me while you wait. Fell: Thanks Sans...

Sans: You mean babe~! *Picks up Fell bridal style* Fell: P-PUT ME DOWN! Sans: Nah too lazy too *teloports home with Fell* Papyrus: SANS WHERE HAVE YO-... t-t-theres two Sans now...? *Faints*.

Will Papyrus go insane? Will Frisk be writing yuri? WILL FELL PAYPRUS LET FELL BACK IN THE HOUSE?! Find out soon~

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