A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 1 <3
A Helping Hand 
                      Luigi x Bowser
Part 1 <3 luigixbowser stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Luigi is cutting because his best friend hates gay's. Bowser has turn gay, Waluigi is in love with Luigi. What other madness can happen XD.

A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 1 <3

{Luigi POV} I was walking down the levels that Mario has already beaten to save Peach the last time, Bowser be came gay, like I was. I was walking to his castle as if I was saving Peach instead of Mario. Bowser was trying to find his soulmate like I was, so I wanted to help him find the true person. I been cutting myself because Wario didn't have the same feeling's to being gay.

{Bowser POV} When I went in his house to invite him to my castle, he was cutting himself,"L-Luigi" I said trying not to panic. He looked at me in a surprise face. Well, am waiting for him get to my castle so we can talk about this cutting problem and why it started. I hope he's not cutting right now. He's so sweet, and kind... He was there when I had problems. Now I will be there when he has problems.

{Walugi POV} I saw Luigi walking down pass me, I putted my hand on his shoulder."You know am single" I said winking."Am not intrested" Luigi said running away from me. I stared at him while he ran away."You will be JUST MINE" I yelled in anger. A goomba was staring at me with a WTF on his face."Pretend you heard nothing from me" I said to the goomba. The goomba was walking backwards.

{Luigi POV} I finally got to Bowser's castle, I think he was blushing, He looked cute when he blushes. And his red hair, oh, I just want to touch it."L-Luigi, we need to ta-alk" Bowser said a bit nervous (and when I say a bit, I mean REALLY)"About what Bowser" I ask."Why you started cutting" Bowser said sadly. I looked at him, tears were rolling down my cheek's.

{Bowser POV} "Well, a week ago I found out am gay. I was telling Wario, my best friend, what he thought about gay's. He said he HATES them" Luigi said sadly."You should focus what you think is right Luigi, not what Wario think is right" I said to Luigi hoping it will make him feel better."At least your always there for me" he said with a sigh. I felt him leaning onto me.

{Luigi POV} I was leaning on Bowser because I was so tired from walking, don't forget running away from Waluigi. I fell asleep on Bowser {Dream} I was walking down in a white dress and I saw Bowser in a white suit. Yoshi was dropping flower petals in front of me. And Mario was right next to me walking me to Bowser. When I reached Bowser "You may kiss the bride".

{Bowser POV} I woke up Luigi because he started to drool."Weegee wakey wakey" I said a bit drunk."Bowser, did you drink last night?And why" Luigi ask me. I can't answer him... I don't want him to feel bad and go buy my favorite food." Please tell me Bowser" Luigi said sadly." Bowser Jr left because he hates me" I said. Luigi hugged me tightly."Well, am there for you Bowser" Luigi said.

Part 2 coming out soon! Please like and follow if you enjoy my stories! Bye~

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