A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 4
A Helping Hand
                       Luigi x Bowser
Part 4 luigixbowser stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 4

{Mario POV} "I was just a bit surprised that Luigi was kissing MY CRUSH" I said pissed to Waluigi."You know... I can help you get Bowser" Waluigi said smirking. Do I really want this...?"Whats your plan" I said selfishly." Kidnap Luigi and I can take him and then we move out of Mushroom Country"."NO. TOO FAR WALUIGI" I yelled angrly."Fine. I will do it be myself" he said grinning.

{Luigi POV} After we werent drunk anymore we went to the mall with Peach and Daisy (who are a couple UwU)."Me and Peach are gonna adopt a baby boy soon" Daisy said happily."Good for you two cute couple" me and Bowser said. We went in a baby toy store,"When I find my soulmate I would love children" Bowser said. He stared at me. We were getting closer and closer.

{Peach POV} I saw Boser and Luigi kissing,"So are you two a couple"they pulled away from each other so fast, guess they didn't want me to know. I grabbed my phone and text Daisy what I just witnessed. She ran over as fast as possible just to see both of them after kissing."YAAAAAAASSS" Daisy yelled happily. Wow I guess she alway's shiped those two. TwT TwT TwT TwT TwT TwT

{Bowser POV} As Peach and Daisy said we can go to the bar at 9:00 PM and it was 8:00 PM, we only had a hour left. So me and Luigi went to the bathroom to talk privetly."L-Luigi" I said l-nervously."Yea Monster" Luigi said back."I l-l-love y-y-you" I said trying to sound tough. I went down on my knees and grabbed his chin, and kissed him. Luigi wraped his arms on my head. We stopped. 9:00 PM

{Luigi POV} We went to the bar, Peach and Daisy were already drunk. We went ahead and joined them."Fwuck Bowswer, I think we drunky" I said very drunk. Bowser picked me up the bridal way and said,"Lets gwo hwome and have swome fwun". He then winked at me. I was blushing hard,"Okway" I said quickly (they are still drunk when they get back to Bowser's home)

{No One's POV} 13+ Luigi and Bowser went to Bowser's home and went in his bedroom. Bowser took Luigi's shirt of and kissed his stomach all the way to his neck. Bowser was biting Luigi's neck, but not too hard. Luigi took of his pant's for Bowser too see,"Don't lwaugh" Luigi said still very drunk. Bowser looked at Luigi, then Bowser licked Luigi's dick, Luigi was moaning to this.

{Still No One's POV} "Mway you gwet nwaked" Luigi asked."Swure Weegee" Bowser said. Luigi was laying down while Bowser took of his clothes. When Bowser was done he went on knees he licked Luigi's butthole so he can go in easier."You cwan dwo it, we cwan dwo it" Bowser said. When Luigi looked at Bowser Luigi saw the size of the his dick."Okway" Luigi said. Bowser went in slowly.

{Bowser POV} I slowley went in Luigi, he was moaning a bit louder and louder more I went in."A-am abwout t-to cwum" I said. Luigi was moaning quitly now cause he heard a knock,"DAD LOWER THE VOLUME IN THE PORN VIDEO". We stopped because cum was everywere, and we weren't drunk anymore."EEK, I AM SO SOOORRY" Luigi said."It's okay lets just clean up" I said. We started cleaning.

Hey guy's! This is the end of this insanity of this part! Do you like my mlp oc? Tell me in the comment's because am so lonely :DD Bye~

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