A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 3 <3
A Helping Hand
                       Luigi x Bowser
Part 3 <3 luigixbowser stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Finaly Waluigi isnt in one but MARIOO IS. Is he gonna be a jackass?

A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 3 <3

{Luigi POV} I woke up in me and Mario's house."Arg...what happened" I said to myself. I was wearing my size, and I was wearing a oversize clothes. I got up to see what time it is. 10:00 AM."Well, I guess I can make me breakfest. I went to make some toast with peanut butter on it. I ate it and went out to go see Bowser. I was walking down the courses and I saw Mario."Hi Mario" I said cheerfully.

{Mario POV} "Luigi... Do you hate gays" I ask Luigi."What no, am gay, why do you ask" Luigi said."I want to be a female and still be with boy's" I said quickly hoping Luigi woudent be disgusted for me."Awsome! I always wanted a sister" Luigi said happily. He was smiling big."What's your new name gonna be" Luigi ask."Um...Marilet" I answered. Luigi smiled big. Am happy he doesn't care.

{Bowser POV} I saw Luigi walking to my castle so I went out to greet him."Hi Bowser" Luigi said cheerfully."Hi Luigi" I said back. We went in my castle,"Want some beer" I ask Luigi."Sure" Luigi said looking at me. I went in my fridge and got two beer's. I went back to Luigi and gave him one."I think we got dwunk" I said."I think we are dwunky too" We got closer and closer till our lip's met.

{Luigi POV} Bowser putted one f his hand's on my waist and the other on my head. I putted my hands on his shoulders. His lips were soft, his movement on my body is amazing. Then somebody came in... It was Mario,"WHAT THE FUUUUCK" He said."M-M-Mario Am so sworry" I said quickly,"YOUR DRUNK" Mario yelled. Then he sighed and left.

Part 4 coming out sooon! Is Mario gonna go evil?. Any dares any body. I will only do googling dares, and don't hold back till I say mercy. Bye~

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