A Boo's Love (Luigi x King Boo) Book 1 Enjoy~!
A Boo's Love (Luigi x King Boo) Book 1
Enjoy~! luigi x king boo stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Book one of A Boo's Love, and yes later on it will get, ummm... 'Dirty', so be prepaired. Also there will even be, we all love Luigi! Read now, you won't regret ;D! Of course filled with gifs too :3.

A Boo's Love (Luigi x King Boo) Book 1 Enjoy~!

Luigi POV

Gotta save Mario, he got trapped in a painting, yes I don't know how he got in their either. The address is...'Spooky Street',.*Gulp*. Play i'll sleep when I die at my deathday. King Boo's POV "WHY, WHY DID YOU DESTROY MEH HOUSES, WHY" I said pissed off, "YOU HAVE SO GOD DAM MANY" Mario yelled in fear."THEN WHY AM I PISSED OFF?" I asked Mario, the smartass. "No answer how cute" I said.

Mario POV This is how Peach feels like getting kidnapped...BORING~. I can't talk, or lisen, god dam it Luigi come the f#ck here! King Boo's POV Luigi got here, he seems cuter then what I thought he would look like... WAIT WHAT THE F#CK AM I THINKING! HES MY ENEMY!!!! Plus boo's don't have feelings...I don't thi-ink... ARG! I have to give him a boss fight because now I can't!

But who will be good enough? Oh! I know who! Mr.M, I called him and said he will be their as fast as Sonic, and he was. Something unespected happend, he had a knife with him!"LUIGI" I yelled I pushed him so he would doge it... Apperently I grabbed on to him so... he was blushing HARDCORE. Mario POV Is somebody gonna rescue meh?Plz.

Luigi POV "EEK!" I yelled in emberesment I was blushing pretty hard because King Boo was too. Oof. But I never notice how his eyes are so...so...god dam butiful... WAIT WERE ENEMIES THO!!!! DONT TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY READERS!!!!

The end...FOR NOW I hope you like it :3

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