A Boo's Love Book 2

                     A Boo's Love
                           Book 2 luigi x king boo stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Luigi an King Boo started on a rough start, but then fell in love, who knew!

A Boo's Love Book 2

King Boo POV He's so...cute. I don't want to go... I-I-I can't h-help it... I-I-I love him. His brother treats him wrong anyway, he doesn't NEED him. Mario POV GET ME THE F#CK OUT OF HERE! I FEEL LIKE THEIR GONNA HAVE SEX SOON >//-//<!!!! Luigi POV I don't know why but I wanted to get closer, and closer to his face, but I didn't. Why am I

feeling like this? A-a-am I...in l-l-love...? King Boo POV Things were gonna get a bit out of hand's (and flippers) then I remember why Luigi was even here. To get that so called brother, Mario."Luigi are you forgeting something" I said quickly, because I felt like we we're get closer and closer." Oh sh#t" Luigi said quickly. I gave Luigi his brother so they can go home. I really didn't wanted

him to go, but I did. Mario POV "Did-ya guys kissed~" I asked teasing Luigi "SHUT UP MARIO,I COULD OF LETTED YOU BE TRAP FOREVER" Luigi said pissed of. I stoped before he went back and putted me in the painting. Luigi POV I couldn't stop thinking about King Boo. His fangs are so god dam cute... his tounge is f#cking cute as hell... I want him.

I went back to the haunted house to find King Boo. A couple of boo's startled me but without starting a fight I moved on. I finaly found King Boo in the libary. King Boo POV Luigi came in the libary, he was blushing too. I got up, I couldn't control myself and grabed his chin, then got close to give him a kiss. I didn't thought he would kiss back.

CLIFFHANGER! Stay in tune to read the 3rd book! also all the artwork I putted in here is what I found on google. Have a good day!

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