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The first chapter of a treatment for an Adam Driver/Daisy Ridley rom com. Bad language. Chapter 1

Reylo Rom Com

The first chapter of a treatment for an Adam Driver/Daisy Ridley rom com. Bad language.

Chapter 1

Daisy Jones is exactly thirteen minutes early. Smugly she swings into her office, hangs up her bag, and sits at her desk, eyes turned toward the window, with its perfect view of the elevator.

She is waiting to see him arrive. She wants him to see her beat him to Oliver’s office with the completed case file. Tapping, she checks her watch every few seconds.

The life dings, and he charges out, looking a little stressed, walking fast. She rises instantly, lays her hand on the file without having to look at it, and walks out to Oliver’s door.

Crossing his path with a cheery “Morning!” she shoots into Oliver’s office, her smile broad, a spring in her step.

“Here’s the Evans Broadbent file, completed and closed,” she says. She all but clicks her heels.

Oliver is looking at his screen. “What?” He looks at the time. “It’s not even 9 o’clock yet, what are you doing in here?”

Adam bursts in with his own file, but breathless. “Honiger Williams, done,” he says and slams it on the desk.

Oliver looked at both of them. “Get out!” he bellows, and they exit.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Adam mutters at her as they bump in the doorway.

“Uh, doing my job, just a little better than you,” Daisy replies, shooting toward her office.

“It won’t work,” Adam says loudly, across the office. “You’re UNLIKEABLE.”

“You just keep telling yourself that,” says Daisy, unperturbed, shutting her door.

“God, just get a room,” says Patrick, in passing.

“What? That’s not what’s happening here. You get a room. Then you can…” he makes a rolling gesture.

“Go fuck myself? Yes, I suppose that works.”

“Sorry, this morning is pissing me off. The whole thing. I don’t need her in my face first thing in the morning. Look at her. Look at her round little face. All those teeth.

She’s like a chipmunk.”

Daisy sees them watching her, turns her backside in their direction and mimes ‘Kiss my ass’.

Adam makes a gesture.

“Yeah sure, there’s no tension there at all. If you two keep going like this neither of you is going to be promoted. Leaving the field open for me. So keep going.”

Oliver calls from his office door. “Adam come in here.”

“Yes,” Adam jumps up and walks over.

“Get Daisy in here as well,” Oliver adds as soon as he reaches the door. Adam rolls his eyes and exhales.

He knocks on her door. “Oh your Majesty”, he whines, “Oliver wants to see you.”

“Are you an errand boy now?” She asks, sweeping out. It’s not till she’s in front of Oliver’s desk that she realises Adam is in there with her. She starts a little.

“I appreciate your ambition, both of you, I really do,” starts Oliver, “and I think competitive behaviour in the workplace can be a good thing,

it can push people into achieving more than they thought possible. But you two are next fucking level.”

Adam starts to say something, along the lines of “She started it,” but Oliver is having none of it.

“You are young and talented, and highly intelligent, and you have a great future here, but you have to learn to work together.

You’re not playing nicely, and it’s annoying the hell out of everyone. I need you to solve problems together, and co operate – and that’s why I’m sending you down to Florida to see my father.”

There’s a short silence. “This is weird,” Adam says.

“Listen my Dad was a big deal in his day, and he was a great boss and he knew what he was doing. I’ve had my differences with him but I value his opinion.

He’s retired now, obviously, and I don’t get to go down and see him as often as I’d like. You two are going to go down there and visit with him.

You’re going to talk to him, and he’s going to report back to me.”

Daisy eyes are darting about. “Are we in trouble?”

“No you’re not in trouble. Think of it as your own little corporate away day. Only it’s this weekend, it’s today, and you’ll come back Sunday. You’ll fly back, but you’re not flying down.

I’m going to give you a limited budget, and you’re going to make your way down there on that budget, however you want to do it.”

Oliver pauses, looks at them. “Look, it’s a big decision I’ve gotta make, who’s going to be partner. It’s a very even-run thing between you.

And maybe I’m enjoying toying with you, just a little.”

“This is weird,” Adam says again. Neither of them move.

“Everything you need is in here,” Oliver continues, handing them a large brown envelope.

“This is your fault,” Adam hisses as they leave Oliver’s office. “You took it too far.”

“How dare you, all I’ve done is work my arse off, if anything I’ve carried you.” Daisy walks to her office. Adam follows.

“Carried me? What?” Adam is apoplectic.

“OK that’s not fair. Calm down. We have to do this.”

“Shit. Shit. This is a headfuck. I don’t like this.” He stops, thinks for a minute. “Maybe I’ll leave. Start up my own thing. I can do that.”

“Sounds good.” Daisy’s face brightens.

“Then you win. Jesus.”

“You wouldn’t be able to deal with that, would you? Is it because I’m a woman?”

“Right, I’m getting up and walking out now.” He stops by the door. “You deal that card, you lose, lady.” He walks out, then walks in again.

“It’s not because you’re a woman. It’s because you’re not recognisably human. You’re so perfect, you’re so consistent, you’re so relentless.

Don’t get upset,” he sees Daisy is trembling, holding it together.

“Don’t get upset. Oh shit.”

“I’m not upset.”

“OK. We’re going to do this. It’s going to be fine. I will behave myself. I will not call you names, I will not undermine you, and I expect you to do the same. OK?”

Daisy nods, mouths “OK”

“Just don’t cry. I’ll go now. I’ll see you out front in – what, 30 minutes?”

She nods.


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