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Right On Cue

by rani567

Time flies

Along with the skies

The birds

And the breeze

Slowly but surely

The clock ticks by

Hour by hour

Day by day

Years flying by

Just beyond our reach

Bringing the promise

Of at least another second

Another memory to be made

During the moment

When time stayed

Things that live around us

Running in the same space

But a different time

Not being fully noticed

Until time slowed

Enough for us to walk beside it

When we really need the time to stay

It leaves

It leaves us with nothing

But a hollow feeling

Where a clock should be ticking

Seconds should be passing

Yet all is still

When time slows

From a sprint to a stand

The beat of a once thriving heart slows with it

The moment time is supposed to stop

It does

Right on cue

Not a second to early

Nor a second to late

Right. On. Cue.

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