Love is blind but love so am I. 3/3
Love is blind but love so am I. 3/3 good omens stories

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part 3 and final part of love is bind but love so am I

Love is blind but love so am I. 3/3

Crowley was far pickier for their wedding than Aziraphale was despite his lack of sight, employing the help of his, as he called her, seeing eye witch to help with the planning.

Both men knew anathema, she was one of those odd people who had wandered into the bookshop searching for old weird tomes for her grandmother, or sassy romance novels for herself.

A self-proclaimed wiccan she had wandered in once and just sort of stuck around.

Not unlike Crowley himself had done the week after they first met, taking shelter from a sudden burst of rain.

She took to planning their wedding like a duck to water, booking saint James park,

creating the invitations of which there were a surprising amount seeing as how neither Crowley nor Aziraphale planned to invite any of their family aside from a select few they could stand.

Now Aziraphale wasn't an idiot, he knew with the way his boyfriend turned fiance soon to be husband had become twitchy that he was planning something.

His eyes gave him away, unfocused and bright as they were, they couldn't lie.

He believed that was one of the reasons he always wore his glasses the same way he allowed Crowley to believe he was being sneaky,

after all he doubted it was anything bad that they were planning, anathema would have told him if it was and if not her then her skittish boyfriend newt would.

That man couldn't keep a secret to save his life.

Either way as the wedding approached Crowley seemed to become more and more nervous, accepting Aziraphale's comfort but never telling him exactly what was wrong.

It worried him but not as much as the way the man seemed to just disappear a month before the wedding.

Well disappear wasn't exactly the right word, after all he didn't disappear and he still picked up with Aziraphale called, excluding that first day,

but he didn't return to the shop or agree to meet him for lunch.

He also didn't explain why beyond asking Aziraphale to trust him. which he did but still, he was worried about his soon to be husband.

The night before the wedding he called Crowley, just to assure himself that the man would indeed make it, that he would be standing there when Aziraphale walked down the carpet.

Crowley had spent a good thirty minutes doing exactly that, comforting and reassuring him and when they had ended the call he had done it in a way he had for the last month "I love you angel,

soon our lives will be forever changed, for the better, I will see you soon"

Aziraphale didn't think of the expression as odd.

So much about Crowley was odd he was just used to it now.

Come morning anathema showed up at the book shop to help him get ready and also to drive him to the park for the ceremony,

she didn't answer any of his questions revolving around Crowley aside from telling him that newt was taking him to the park and would be waiting for him there and that Crowley 'couldn't wait

to see him' with a smirk that made him nervous.

Then again perhaps that was prewedding jitters, he hadn't barely slept a wink the night before.

He distracted himself with getting dressed, assuring the woman that no, he did not need help before stepping into the bathroom.

For the wedding he had chosen a cream-colored suit with a white shirt and tie, he didn't know why he just though it was amusing for some reason.

That and with his pale hair and pale eyes dark colors looked simply ghastly on him.

The ride to the park was silent, anathema biting her lip like she wanted to say something but not quite managing it as he fiddled with his own fingers to get out some of his nervous energy.

But the moment he stepped into the park, heard the soft music coming from further ahead he had to smile.

"hello Aziraphale" a voice spoke from his side and he looked with a start to see his mother.

A tall and strong woman Aziraphale had taken after her with her snow-white hair and pale blue eyes which sparkled with mirth.

It had been a long time since he had seen his mother and he couldn't help pulling her into a hug she willingly returned "mother" he sighed happily "I thought you couldn't make it!

" he pulled back and she grinned at him "as if I would miss your wedding, not even the apocalypse would make me miss it" Aziraphale chuckled.

His mother wore a loose and flowing pale blue dress and sparkling heels that made her look as beautiful as ever "I'm glad you're here" he said earnestly even if her appearance meant

that Gabriel was also there, he was sure their mother could control him.

"I'm happy to be here" she took his hand and linked their arms together,

walking slowly toward the music "I met your young man before coming to wait for you here you know" she said conversationally

Crowley and his mother didn't really talk, they sort of clashed in a few things but Aziraphale knew from the shine in her eyes that she adored Crowley nearly as much as he did,

and she had been sure to give them her approval after first seeing them together.

"oh" he said trying not to show his nerves "how was he?" he asked trying and failing to sound nonchalant. He could be forgiven for that he was minutes away from being married.

His mother chuckled softly "nearly as nervous as you but just as devilish as i remember" she said making him duck his head slightly.

She stopped them then, taking Aziraphale's face in her hands and making him look at her in that gentle way of hers "are you happy, Aziraphale?

" she questioned and he ducked his head this time to hide his sappy smile "I am" he said and she smiled.

Smiled in a way he hadn't seen in years "he loves you very much you know,

I'm sure you'll be very happy together" she stood and kissed his forehead and it felt like a blessing "now come on" she looped their arms together again "your soon to be husband has

been waiting long enough to see you"

There was that phrase again, but however Aziraphale was to happy to think about it.

As they drew closer Aziraphale saw the setup, a white carpet led up a path to a gazebo, flanked by rows of seats filled with friends and few family members that both could stand.

Aziraphale could see Crowley's younger cousin Adam had made it with his friends along with Crowley's sibling Beelzebub.

He could also see his own siblings Michelle looked generally happy while Gabriel just looked constipated and Uriel just looked sort of indifferent.

Random customers were also in attendance men and women that they had grown close to over the last few years all looking satisfied along with some people that Aziraphale recognized as

different waiters from their favorite restaurant.

There was also a woman he didn't recognize, sitting near the front and wearing a simple green dress with brown hair in a smart bun.

His curiosity as to exactly who she was however, disappeared the moment he saw Crowley.

His soon to be husband was standing by the steps of the gazebo which had been covered in stands of twinkling fairy lights not unlike the trees that surrounded them,

giving the impression that this was a dream.

The man was wearing a dark suit, the exact opposite of Aziraphale's and his scarlet hair had been braided back from his face,

though the stubborn strands were starting to escape in an artful way.

His neon red cane, a staple in their life for the past six years, was missing but given that newt stood at his side he guessed he didn't need it.

Something else that was missing was his glasses, instead he stood with his eyes closed, looking tired and peaceful and so beautiful all at the same time,

standing with his side to the carpet and thus his side facing Aziraphale.

As he grew closer the music shifted, coming from somewhere he couldn't see to a soft sounding song about running away across the milky way and all heads turned to Aziraphale.

His mother squeezed his arm comfortingly, but he didn't mind the attention, more focused on Crowley.

Slowly they approached and as they did Crowley turned toward them and slowly blinked his eyes open,

squinting for a moment before his lips pulled into a large smile that made Aziraphale's heart stutter.

His cheeks hurt from his own smile and it wasn't until he was closer, and Crowley held out his hand that he realized the difference.

Golden eyes were following him, focused solely on his approach and gazing at him with such love it stole his breath.

Crowley's eyes were damp and Aziraphale's own grew damp as well, tears slipping down his cheeks as he realized exactly what was going on and what Crowley had meant ever night.

Crowley could see.

Reaching up Aziraphale cupped his face with one hand "how...

you can see me?" Crowley nodded slowly, never taking his eyes away from Aziraphale "I see you, angel" and just like the first time, those words made tears fall down his already damp cheeks.

"for those out of the loop" a voice spoke and Aziraphale tore his eyes away from Crowley with effort to see the woman he hadn't recognized had stood up,

looking very pleased with herself "my name is Samantha gray and this is a very special day, not just because it's the first day in the married life of these men,

but also because I am an ophthalmologist and this is the first time that Mr. Crowley has seen his husbands face"

The gathered crowed gasped, both sides looking in amazement as Crowley turned his face away from Aziraphale and looked at them and then when he grinned and winked the entire gathering,

And when they calmed down the woman spoke again "now with that out of the way" she rubbed her hands together "shall we get to the actual marrying part?"

The guests all sat back down and a priest walked from inside the gazebo, congratulating them for the miracle of restored sight before getting on with it, vows were exchanged, promises were made,

not that they would never fight, or argue, but that no mater what they went though they would still love each other until the end of time.

They were easy promises to make and when they kissed, it felt as if the story had just started anew.

And this time they could both watch it play out.

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