Love is blind but love so am I. 2/3
Love is blind but love so am I. 2/3 good omens stories

rangerdanger985 just here for a writing time.
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part 2 of love is blind.

Love is blind but love so am I. 2/3

"I love you, Crowley, you know that don't you?"

"of course, angel"

"then allow me a moment to say, fuck you"

Crowley's brow rose in curious amusement "oh? what did I do this time?"

he couldn't see Aziraphale's face, but he was sure it was close to outraged, maybe flushed a nice shade of red, it would match Crowley's hair.

Now from an outside prospective this situation would be confusing, then again probably not if one knew Crowley and Aziraphale well enough,

but to set the scene both men were in Aziraphale's bookshop. Crowley had claimed his couch once again, laying in a sprawl of long limbs that seemed like it would be painful.

Aziraphale stood staring at him from the foot of said couch, face just as red as Crowley imagined it would be and glaring of the others frame, the cause of said flush rested in his hands,

a small black velvet box that Crowley had labored over for nearly three months before finally throwing it at the other.

It wasn't because of what was contained in the box although that was awe-inspiring, no it was more from what the redhead had said.

Let's take this from the beginning, shall we?

Crowley had, as mentioned, been stressed about the small black box for three months after having a mutual friend assist him in picking it out,

that day he had become fed up with it and upon arriving at the others bookshop had thrown it in his general direction.

Despite his blindness he had damn good aim and nearly hit him in the face.

Aziraphale, fondly exasperated with his boyfriend's actions, had opened it and stared at the golden band inside, simple at a distance but at closer inspection it had an inscription in braille.

A simple message that made his heart pound in his throat and guts fill with warmth,

really it was only three letters an 'I' followed by a 'C' and a 'U' meaningless to some but Aziraphale knew what it meant.

It meant 'I see you' and it made his chest fill with love the same way it had when the other man said it only days ago to calm his fear, touching him in such a simple way,

with tender reverence that had brought him to tears.

Crowley did that a lot when he felt like being soft.

Anyway he had looked at the man, forcefully relaxed and eyes hidden behind his glasses and said "its beautiful" Crowley had shrugged and said "its yours if you want it,

me to I suppose" and waved a hand "'til death do us part and all that"

"is that a marriage proposal?" his voice had been uncharacteristically squeaky when he asked that but rather than laugh as he usually would Crowley just shrugged "suppose it is"

Which brings us back to where we are now.

Crowley laying there both amused and slightly confused at the others reaction, after all they had known each other for six years the man should have known Crowley was as untraditional as fuck.

"that is not how you propose!

" Crowley rolled sightless eyes "are you really surprised I mean" he sat up and waved a hand in front of his own face "with my luck I would propose to a signpost in a traditional way"

There was a pause before Aziraphale spoke again "that would be both amusing and endearing"

"oh, shut up" he drawled, slumping back into the couch like a long-limbed dejected teenager.

A warm chuckle had him scowling to fight his smile "so you want to get married" steps walked closer and then stopped directly in front of him "if you want" he muttered.

A hand reached out and touched Crowley's face, not surprising him the way any other touch would have.

The hand stayed there for a moment, Crowley resisting the urge to lean into it before it rose and pushed the glassed from his eyes up into his hair,

leaving his unfocused golden eyes exposed before returning to the side of his face.

"ask me properly, dear heart" the words were soft and made Crowley's heart speed up. He sighed quietly before swallowing and holding out a hand, Aziraphale placing his other hand into it.

Crowley wondered for a moment where the box had gone before shoving the thought away, instead running his thumb over his boyfriends knuckles and turning his face to where Aziraphale's was,

the other mans hand which was still on his face raising it another meter so he actually did face him.

Daft bastard he thought fondly before taking a deep breath "angel" he started slowly "we've known each other for six years,

been dating for nearly as long and in all the time that you've known me, you've never treated me as less than I am,

I'm not a romantic so I'm not going to wax poetic about your daft ass but anyone that can deal with me for that long? Their worth keeping around"

He tightened his grip on the others hand "I love you Aziraphale and it's a simple as that, please marry me?

" his heart was beating double time in his chest, nearly loud enough to drowned out the sound of a gentle sniffle coming from the figure in front of him,

for a moment he was worried until the hand on his face pulled him forward into a long and gentle kiss that only ended with air became a requirement, more than an afterthought.

Even still the other didn't go very far, resting his forehead against Crowley's own the man spoke words that made Crowley feel like he could fly "of course my dear" he said and Crowley smiled,

he smiled so fiercely that it hurt but he couldn't help it and he didn't stop it.

He was getting everything he had ever wanted.

Well not quite everything but it was close enough for now.

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