Warzone hopeful stories
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randywrites Community member
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To be at war with yourself is always a travesty. I am a walking tragedy. A beautiful mess. A hypocrisy of all things. I don't know.


I am a warzone.

Total casualties.... 1

Total victories: .... 1

Total defeats: ... 1.... yet again.

A part of me is gasping for air-

Hands clutching my stomach... ...trying to stop the wounds from bleeding me out.

....I can't breathe.

I'm struggling.

I think this is it...

The other part of me is relieved...

For I have won that battle.

I sit under the tree and gaze across the battlefield

Sweat dripping down the sides of my face-

Determination in my eyes.

I think I got this...

You see...

I am my own worst enemy.

My worst battles are within.

One day I will self destruct

Or one day I will win..

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