When I was Young
When I was Young lgbtq stories

randowriter Transgender man (F2M)
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What happened when I was younger

When I was Young

When I was young, having so much fun. When I was ten, thoughts entered my mind, trying to find a connection. I pushed them away and made them stay until next May. Now eleven, quite uneven.

The thought came back just like a fact. Cut my hair, which seems pretty fair. One side shaved, the other long, doesn't look wrong. Started dressing in baggy clothes, looking fresh.

By twelve, I finally figure out myself. I came out to my mother and no other. I'm a big fan of being a man so I was trans. I used to be a woman but stopped that abuse.

She accepted me when no would or could. Just a month after, words poured out faster. I went to send the message to my friends, having trouble in the end. Soon, the class would know so fast.

I told them all, now I've got new pronouns. I'm myself now, not some possession of someone's obsession.

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