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randomuserr just another girl who likes to write :)
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my story of regret

give me a call

i used to, much to often, take my friendships for granted

and when i finally realized they were disappearing

it was to late

i let the people i love slip through my fingers


because i wanted more

i was so naive to feel that i needed more

so i let what i already have disappear

and i had to watch it

slip through my fingers

with our being able to stop it

grasp onto it,

choking on the words,

'come back!'

i couldn't change the past,

but yet i tried to

so while i was i let the present also fall

until it was gone

until there was nothing left

so let my memories be a lesson for you

so that you don't have to feel the pain i did

i tried to hang on,

but i couldn't

which makes me remember today

to not take my friendships for granted

but still

the memories haunt me

I don't miss the person,

I miss the feelings, goddamnit!

so yet i still try

i try to look for my friendships that slipped through my fingers,

onto the ground

so if you find them,

give me a call.

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