Where are you? by David K.

 Where are you? 

by David K.

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A fictional story of Love & heartbreak

Where are you? by David K.

I rushed home from work. To straighten up the mess I made... To cook you dinner... To make amends.

I hate it when we fight in the morning. I hate it when I rant and rave. After you left I punched the wall. I hate it when we fight in the morning.

I cleaned up and waited. I cooked dinner and waited. I sat and waited.

You must be shopping. That's it. You're shopping. You love to shop.

The flowers are for you. I am desperate to hold you, and whisper in your ear, I'm sorry. I acted like an ass. I love you. I can't live without you.

I tried to work, but it was hopeless. My focus was on you. Thoughts of you flooded my mind, leaving room for nothing else. Something was different about this morning. You were different.

It occurred to me how you were different. There was no fire in your eyes, no fight. This is not the Beth I know. I didn't realize it this morning. In your eyes, there was resolve. Quiet... Calm... Resolve.

It occurred to me to look around the house for clues, anything that might help. Black dread filled my heart when I saw the note on the bedside table.

John, I love you but I can't stay. This is too hard, too painful. I think we'll both be better off. Take care of yourself. Love Beth

I waited too long. All the things I should have said ... All the things I should have changed ... I waited too long.

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