He's perfect, or is he? Is this all just a scam?
He's perfect, or is he? 
Is this all just a scam? 
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Was it all just a scam? No, it can't be. I need this to be real.

He's perfect, or is he? Is this all just a scam?

He needs my car. He will be back when he can, and explain then.

What is this all about? Is this a scam?

Beth could not think clearly. Her mind was crowded with doubt and fear.

Jack seemed the perfect man, kind and thoughtful. A little impulsive perhaps, but not Reckless.

For Beth, trust is hard to find. An alcoholic father has that effect.

A broken family life started the runaway freight train of trust. A divorce and string of bad relationships drove it off the cliff.

What remained was a fragmented and shattered heart, hidden with a smile.

With Jack it all came easy, like a storybook romance, with walks in the park.

A drive along the coast.

He took her to Disneyland when casual conversation, revealed she had never been.

Even a day at the zoo, which she loved. He was a perfect gentleman, kind and considerate. So unlike the men of her past.

A quote came to mind. "Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair."

Who's trust should she guard, hers or his? Which should win? Trust or self protection.

The decision was made. She handed him the keys with a smile, which hopefully masked her fear.

In her mind she saw her sports car racing away, headed towards the black market.

When he returned a few minutes later, he came with a ring and proposal.

Two years and a baby later she asked him why he worded the request so strangely? Why say "I need your car, be back when I can, and explain then"? Even now she remembered the words.

Thinking back on the night, Jack smiled. I needed to know that you trusted me. I never talked about it but I had an alcoholic mother.

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