Becoming a published author. by Dave K

Becoming a published author.

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Thoughts on writing.

Becoming a published author. by Dave K

This is the advice I wish I had been given. Note: By a strange quirk of fate, this will only be read by those who already understand what I'm saying . Life is funny that way. Also note, it was 3 in the morning when I wrote this. I admit that I'm rambling.

So you want to be a famous author? Loved and adored by all. I hear you, I'm with you on that!

You want them to line up around the block, to buy your book.

Thousands of people will read your book and smile. Good job they say, well done! They should make a movie!

But, on the way to your next blockbuster, maybe start small. Increase your skill by degrees, and help others grow along the way.

Make10 people smile, and say good job, well done.

And that will make you smile.

Who knows, someday you'll be that famous author....

Or maybe 10 people will be enough.

Bigger isn't always better.

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