My 'Rise of Skywalker' Palpatine is dead but his great grandaughter continues to rise in the way of the Light while Kylo Ren, otherwise known as Ben Solo, has reconnected with his Knights and is exploring new ways to go deeper and deeper into the Dark.
My 'Rise of Skywalker'

Palpatine is dead but his great grandaughter continues to rise in the way of the Light while Kylo Ren, otherwise known as Ben Solo, has reconnected with his Knights and is exploring new ways to go deeper and deeper into the Dark.
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Starter Fan Fix in process. My ramblings on what should have been the 'Rise of Skywalker'

My 'Rise of Skywalker' Palpatine is dead but his great grandaughter continues to rise in the way of the Light while Kylo Ren, otherwise known as Ben Solo, has reconnected with his Knights and is exploring new ways to go deeper and deeper into the Dark.

General Organa has been training Rey with the help of the Force Ghosts of her brother Luke and Master Yoda. Ren has been on a quest to learn more from his Grandfather Vader whose voice he hears when he meditates holding his Darth mask, now melted and disfigured. ~~~~~~~~~~ "Hey, you going to hog all the

'Hey Finn, you going to eat ALL the cakes like the ones we swiped from Cantobite?' teased Rose. Finn hesitated and put the last piece of cake down while shooting a smile towards his on again off again love. 'Rose, I want to eat up before Poe and I leave for Andulian. That's where we heard Ren and his rogue group of Knights are headed. They're looking for a Sith dagger they think will lead them to Darth Vaders Dark Spirit

to Darth Vaders spirit. If it does, I think Ren'll be unstoppable and we'll be without hope or a future.' "Well, be careful." Rose said warily, planting a kiss on Finn's cheek before popping a bite from the last piece of cake in her mouth. ~~~~~~~ 'Unh, hunh!' Rey flipped while running and dodging the blasts from Leia's old remote which she took from Han.

Rey felt so free, so happy to smell the rich earth and see so much green. 'I never thought I'd get away from all that sand' she mused to herself. She felt hopeful, on the right side, fighting against Ren and the First Order with what was left of the Resistance. As she twirled to shoot the training Droid, she suddenly ran into a solid figure.

'Unh, HEY! What the!?!' Rey's ruminations were quickly ruined by the sight of a masked Kylo Ren standing in front of her. 'I DON'T want to talk to you right now!' she screamed while welding Luke's now fixed saber towards Kylo's head. 'I thought the past had to die, what's with your stupid mask?'

Kylo stoicly force held Rey's blade. 'Relax Sweetheart, I'm just checking in on my Mom.' Leia sensed Ben and shook her head slightly while she sat in the command center and communicated through the Force. With love she quietly said 'Ben, come home.'

Rey stood mystified, she sensed Ben was torn, actually wanting to come home not only to his Mother but also to ask again for her hand.

Ben paused for a moment but a seering pain gripped his heart while piercing voices sounded ruthlessly in his ears. Snoke and Vader's voices overwhelmed his head 'You can never go back! Rise, rise up to what you're supposed to be in the Dark Side!' Immediately Rey closed the force connection while a stunned Leia swallowed. 'I wasn't ready for that to end.'

Rey asked her Master through their Force connection 'You think there's still good in him?' 'I know there is.' ~~~~~~ Kylo raged forward on the deck of his star destroyer, marching with the Knights of Ren to board his old command shuttle. 'You are weak!' Snoke's voice taunted 'You will never get rid of me! My voice will always be in your head!'

in your head! Kylo took off his mask, hoping to find releif. Here he stood as Supreme Leader of theFirst Order. Rey was right, he had wanted to destroy this, let old things die including his red fused mask. He wanted to start over without the Jedi or the Sith. Now he felt confused, lost. But he could tell no one, no one could understand.

He pushed aside his thoughts and angrily took control of the shuttle , rograming their destination into the Way Finder. 'I will make you proud Grandfather' he seethed as he pressed on to find the Sith Dagger. This would lead him to Darth Vaders Dark Spirit and unlimitled power.

~~~~~~~ Rey plumped the pillow behind her head and wondered about earlier. She had felt Leia's displeasure when she had broken their Force Bond with Ren. As she stared at the ceiling, she noticed it gradually change from concrete to metal. Rey knew this could only mean one thing and turned to see Ben, helmet off with his head in his hands.

She could sense the conflict. 'You think no one knows you Ben, but I do. Come back, it's not too late' Ren shot up as if he had been electrocuted. He turned and stared incredulously at the woman he wished he didn't love. 'I'm a monster, or haven't you heard.' he sneered as he moved inches away from Rey.

Rey stared in awe and disgust. How could she love him? She realized she loved Ben but not this monster Kylo Ren. For him she only felt pity. But...his face was so close to hers, she only had to lean slightly closer for her lips to touch his. She gazed from his penetrating eyes to his soft lips and his wavy hair. He was so attractive, beautiful even... except. ... for his divided heart.

Just then Rey felt a Force choke and noticedVader's mask vibrating on the temple Ren had made. She cringed as she heard maniacal laughter and mechanical breathing with voices. 'Great-granddaughter I am Palpatine, the family you've been seeking' 'And I am Darth Vader, find the dagger and join us to rule the Galaxy!'

'Wha?!?' Rey leaned back forcibly breaking the bond and falling back into her quarters. Leia stood there to Rey's amazement. 'Master....' 'Its true Rey', she heard Luke's Force Ghost say as she turned to face him as well. 'I felt darkness, so much darkness' Rey confided to Luke and Leia.

Luke's ghost sat next to her on her bunk taking her hand, 'Yes, you're a Palpatine Rey, but who you've come from doesn't determine who you are, only *you* can do that!' ~~~~~~ Kylo sat stunned in his quarters, shocked to hear his grandfather and that other voice call Rey. When he had touched her hand a year ago

he had visions of her parents being nothing. Now he realized her parents were nobodies but her grandfather had been the righteous son of the ungodly Palpatine, the Sith Lord his grandfather Anakin had destroyed. In the quiet Ben pondered this. Vader's voice he was always seeking but never.... 'Ben'...

Solo turned to see the faintest Force Ghost of his grandfather Anakin. It seemed like the dark side was fighting against this transmission. 'Grandfather?' Ben choked out before Anakin disappeared. Just then a Knight of Ren was over heard on the comms, 'We're here, we're entering Andulian airspace....'

Meanwhile Rey squinted in the morning sun wondering why Leia and Luke hadn't told her of her heritage, why Ben had said she came from nobodies. Yet, she aknowledged this must be why she would become angry so easily and move towards the dark so swiftly at times. As she stared off distracted by her thoughts, she was unaware of the squad of Stormtroopers behind her or the

redhaired man who led them as a bag was pulled over her head and heavy cuffs placed over her wrists. She didn't have time to respond before feeling the butt of an E 11 blaster against her skull. As she fell, Hux smirked. 'Now I finally have the upper hand on Ren. He won't be Supreme Leader much longer!'

~~~~~~~ Kylo Ren let nothing and nobody get in his way as he searched for the Sith Dagger on Andulian. The Knights of Ren powerfully followed his lead as he took down all the natives who were busy protecting the shrine they had made. Ren easily used the force to blow back the solid metal doors

leading into the inner sanctum. He stood there awed by the Sith dagger now levitating and filled with it's raw Dark power. Vader materialized out of thin air breathing at his mechanical pace. 'My grandson, you have done well, use this dagger to join me and become one with all the Sith.' Ren paused ever so slightly...

The pull to the light was so faint now . He knew what Vader was asking... plunge the dagger in his own flesh and cease to exist. For Vader to consume him and take over. He paused a bit too long and was shocked to see Hux storm in with his death troopers , guns blazing and in their numbers knocking over the Knights of Ren. Kylo lept to grab the dagger but surprisingly not quickly enough.

Hux lurched forward, swiped the dagger and plunged it into the shoulder of his hooded captive guffawing sinisterly the whole way. Ben yelled 'NOOOOO!' as the hood slipped off and Rey fell to the floor seizing and twitching. Ben used the force to shove Hux to the wall as he ran towards Rey, her eyes turning the yellow hue of all Sith.

He leaned towards her as she began to stand unnaturally with so much power and a wicked laugh. 'I am all the Sith, I am Darth Reyvan, FEEL MY POWER!' she screamed as she shot blue lightening from her hands causing the temple to start tumbling about them 'You! Come with me!' she shrieked at Hux as she stormed off to return to his shuttle.

As the dust fell, Ben reached up through the rubble, stunned. All the darkness he and his Knights had ever owned had now been completely drained. All the darkness had flowed into Rey. He knew she would never be the same but.... she could have killed him and his Knights easily. She hadn't. 'Theres light in her yet' Ben thought as he summoned up the courage to do what he must.

~~~~ General Organa shuddered as she felt the powerful shift in the force. Just then Yoda, Luke and her father appeared. All looking solemn yet hopeful. 'Leia , Rey's been turned to the Dark Side. Ben's on his way here with the Knights. The Resistance must forgive Ben as you and your brother have forgiven me, Ben may be our only hope in this fight'

Leia nodded, wishing she had grown up with knowing her father Anakin but set aside her regrets and stood up , prepared to notify the Resistance that Ben was coming home and deserved forgiveness just like Revan of old. Kylo Ren was gone but Ben, the prodigal son was returning and deserved a second chance.

~~~~~ 'Rey or Darth Reyvan?' her thoughts were broken as Hux bowed before her. "Supreme Leader we are at your service. Is it time to destroy the Resistance? Your predecessor never could...." Laughter pierced her mind 'Rise great granddaughter, rule!' Rey glared at Hux

"Yes, I am your Supreme Leader and we will DESTROY the rebel scum!" ~~~~~~ Poe and Finn had arrived too late to Andulian, they found only the charred remains of the native species and the blackened ruins of the dagger's shrine.

"I can't believe Ren, I mean Ben is now on our side" smirked Poe. "And Rey, I can't believe she's gone to the Dark Side. I won't believe it until I see it" Finn kicked the ground as he looked around feeling despair about his friend. 'Beep boop boop' BB8 chirped in agreement.

~~~~~ Ben exited his shuttle, no longer cocky as before but timid, nervous. He watched as his Mom approached and finally took the time to look at her weathered but beautiful face as he fell into her arms. Later hewas amazed when his uncle Luke apologized for not seeing the light in him. Ben was able to

explain he hadn't killed thee students. And Kylo Ren admitted there was much for him to regret and repent for. The Resistance was wary but overtime could see the fruit of Ben's turn to the light. So much so that he was a trusted member of the team. One evening as he was marveling his new lot in life, he felt

an ice cold chill , heard lightening crackle and the bone chilling laugh of the woman he once loved. Somehow their connection had not been broken. "You! You are weak! can become strong again, JOIN ME!" Darth Reyvan reached out to grasp Ben... It took all of his might and will to break her possesive grasp.

Leia sensed her son's struggle 'I'm not putting up with this anymore' she murmured as she commanded R2 to prepare for departure. ~~~~~~ 'Why do you hesitate Master?' Hux jibed as Darth Reyvan felt a glint of light. 'When will the First Order rise and finally rid the Galaxy of this rebel scum?!'

'Silence!' Darth Reyvan shrieked as she flung Hux to the wall and snapped his neck. 'I feel her, she is coming to me and I will DESTROY her!' ~~~~~~~ Leia sat quietly guiding the old girl, Han's Millennium Falcon. She smiled briefly as R2 sounded beeps and boops then focused on reaching her destination, Rey's Warship.

As she watched the stars flash by, she felt a calm reassuring presence. 'Luke', she started to say as she turned but was delighted to see the smiling face of her father. Anakin's ghost took the copilot seat beside her. "You didn't think I'd let you go alone Leia to face a Palpatine did you?" 'Well, no, but...' her voice trailed as

ObiWan, Luke and Yoda entered the cockpit too. All stood strong and smiled at her, 'Youre not alone in this fight General.' She chuckled and shook her head, 'I hope Rey can turn back. Palpatine or not, I feel there's still good in her.'

Officers and troopers cowered as Darth Reyvan rushed into her throne room spitting out commands. 'My m m m my Queen we have destroyed Dagobah and Jakku as ordered and we have destroyers heading to Naboo as we speak'. 'Excellent slug, excellent!' Darth Reyvan could feel the power of all the Sith rise within

her, so much so she felt she would combust with all the power, all the voices surging and mingling, struggling for dominance in her. ~~~~~~ Anakin , ObiWan, Luke and Yoda descended the Millennium's ramp onto the deck of Darth Reyvan's Annihilator. She could quickly feel their presence along with Leia's.

'Come to bring me back to the Light have you?!' Darth Reyvan spat towards her old Master as she easily materialized before Leia's eyes. All the Force Ghosts now turned and focused on Rey who jerked and stumbled and unbelievably split into 5- herself and the spirits of Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Darth Maul and Sheev.

Darth Vader stood tall before Anakin, Dooku leaped before Obi Wan, Maul smirked at Yoda and Sheev stood toe to toe with Luke. A battle of the ages ensued between the dead while Darth Reyvan composed herself in her own right and attacked the woman whom she once held as dear as a mother.

Leia fought fiercely but Rey dominated with her pushes, kicks and chokes . Reyvan finally and fatally stabbed Leia in the heart with her double bladed saber. Time seemed to stop, Ben who had by now force pulled himself into the fray , stumbled forward to catch his Mother.

'Wha?!' he stood mystified that as he reached to catch Leia in his arms, she disappeared. Holding himself steady, Ben knew the rage he had once used to power himself could not bring success. He looked at Rey then watched mezmorized as all the Sith spirits forcefully jumped back into her body causing her beauty to fade and morph into a hideous creature.

Ben fell backwards only to feel the steady strength of all the Jedi behind him. With sabers wildly flayling and bodies jumping and leaping, Ben and Reyvan came blow to blow over and over. Her yellow eyes glaring and wicked teeth chattering caused Ben to feel all was lost. In a moment of desperation, Ben whispered 'Rey' as she was about

to strike another deadly blow in his weakness. For a moment her eyes flickered to that of his true love Rey.... 'NOOOOO!!!!!!REYYYY!' Finn hollered as he tackled her to the ground only to be struck by force lightening. Poe jumped to Ben's side, 'Cmon buddy, we can do this, we have to!'

Ben staggered forward thankful for the arrival of the Resistance's finest but was quickly taken down as Reyvan shot her lightening directly at him. In her rage she hadn't noticed Anakin's ghost climb above on a rafter, taking the high ground. As he lept down he exclaimed 'I am still the Chosen One!' and seemed to split Reyvan in two with his saber. ~~~~~~~

Anakin, Ben, Poe, and Finn were the first to witness something no Jedi or Sith has seen again to this day.... Although Reyvan was split in two, one side, the Dark Side became shriveled and pulverized. However, the Light Side...Rey suddenly manifested whole but asleep in a very deep restorative sleep.

Ben cried aloud for joy as Anakin and now Leia's force Ghosts touched his shoulder. He cradled Rey in his arms and realized it was over, finally over. No more Sith and no more Jedi but time for something new. Anakin whispered 'A dyad..a force dyad....' And they lived happily ever after....

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