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I hope the origin of our love never has an exodus. I must've loved you in a past life and somehow our souls found each other again.

The Reason Why

I hope the origin of our love never has an exodus.

I must've loved you in a past life and somehow our souls found each other again.

Even on my worst day, when I don't know how to love myself, I thank God you exist.

You are nothing like I imagined, nor fathomed, but somehow you're everything I've dreamed of especially when we kiss.

Loving you taught me vulnerability isn't my weakness and I haven't let it cross my mind since.

I was the grinch, ready to steal everyone's happiness and then you caused my heart to grow 3 times its original size.

With you, I realized God listens to me even in my sleep.

Comforting me in my nightmares of unimaginable things that make me weep.

You are the sacred flower that didn't die, although it's still winter.

Ready to blossom when spring hits, evading its wither.

The sound of your voice breathes life into my spine.

This feels so divine.

You are one of the reasons I want to be alive no matter how many times this body dies.

On my best day, I remember how to love myself and you assimilate to the very being of my favorite everythings.

If we're ever apart, I know our love will transcend beyond galaxies, touch the stars, and bounce off the planets to infinite affinity, always returning back to the beginning.

As the earth slowly rotates 360 degrees. Never forgetting to visit the sun and moon on its journey.

They say heaven is in the sky, but that's where I am when I lie on your chest.

Just for a second. The gates open. We interlock. Our hearts sync and only you and I exist.

Your scent makes me replay all of our memories on repeat.

When you grasp my hand it's like I hold the power of each infinity stone.

Your touch feeds me like nourishment to my soul.

When my eyes are like cracking levees you brace for the impact of this baptismal cleansing.

You meticulously put back the pieces of my fragile heart, never looking to find me a new donor.

You gathered the shard glass without fear of the pain I was bound to inflict.

When we're old, and nothing but a sack of bones, your ribs will have my name engraved on them.

Reminding the world that Eve came from Adam's rib.

When they dig up your grave as an artifact, they will know we are always one.

Your smile sparkles like the north star, the light that guides me to safety.

The smile that helps me find freedom in the darkness.

You are the rainbow I look for after the storm.

Our conversations quench my thirst as if you were a fountain. Like they made an h2o equivalent the world had yet to unveil.

When I hear your laughter it reminds me of the rain and sacrificial love.

When I look into your eyes I see my spirit dancing. Full with vibrant colors, tambourines and ribbon.

As my skin shatters off, you say I am the prettiest Chameleon.

You blew into my fairydust and now I know what it's like to fly.

When we kiss butterflies flutter out of my stomach, up my throat, off of my tongue and I regurgitate the words I love you right out of my windpipe.

It's like acceptance is your first language and my love languages are your second.

When they ask me what love is I'll say your name and point to a picture of you. Right next to the definition.

I'll say this picture, this person is what love is and I could never accurately explain the reason for this dynamic movement of my heartbeat, but this is my attempt.

It beats to this melody I seem to never forget.

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