Sonnet #2
Sonnet #2 murder stories

rancelandstrong Of course I like my own things.
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My second sonnet. as explained by the title.

Sonnet #2

by rancelandstrong

My love you are truly a sight to be The knife through your heart, a likely mistake. My heart quivers much at the sight of thee. Please understand you are dead for my sake.

You look at me with a beautiful cry, I love you so much, you began to thresh, You looked at me, painful tears in your eyes. As the knife pierced true, went way of all flesh.

You would not have me, there was some one else If I can't have you, I will bury you. You soon stop struggling against the belts, I can't have you, I want to marry you.

What have I done? I took away my light. I was shot to death, I see you in sight.

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