My hands, Your hands, Who's hands are these?
My hands, Your hands, 
Who's hands are these? madness stories

rancelandstrong Of course I like my own things.
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Tired of the life you've been living? Just kill people!

My hands, Your hands, Who's hands are these?

by rancelandstrong

They hammer, they brick, they, make they saw,

Forever a nail, a well, a wall. But what is it you truly desire? Of this life you begin to tire.

Take a walk through your exhausted mind. Madness awakening,

Is what you find. Through the Graveyard, we take a stroll, What is expected of us Harbors a ponderous toll.

Smoke is swirling, Fog is rising,

Soon is the time for us to be slicing. Many a throat, a heart, a vein, Many a victim 'tis to be slain.

A midnight later, the blood pours satin.

Staining my hands it's insane we're actin'!

Forever a knife, will end a life.

Every scream is not what it seems. Maybe it's fake, will you awake? Stuck with your lies until your demise?

So be it, this is how you will end,

Goodbye for now, My dearest friend.

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