Is it just me, or.....
Is it just me, or..... funny stories

rancelandstrongOf course I like my own things.
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Overdramatic man.

Is it just me, or.....

by rancelandstrong

Do you hear that sound? Well it's making my heart pound!

Are you sure that you can'y hear it? It sounds like the whispering of a spirit.

It entices my ears, Almost brings me to tears.

No, it sounds like a howl, Oh, incredibly FOUL!

It's screaming in my ears! Bringing forth all my fears!

How can you be so deaf! to the screaming of the Dead!? My ears are starting to BLEED! Insanity is planting a seed. PLEASE JUST MAKE IT STOP!

....What do you means it's just the Teapot?

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