Ah, yes,...Sleep.
Ah, yes,...Sleep. sleep stories

rancelandstrong Of course I like my own things.
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During the weeknights my father goes crazy and I love a very fat dog that refuses to sleep outside my bed.

Ah, yes,...Sleep.

by rancelandstrong

Sleep, how elusive you be, hiddenly.

Sweet, how you pass by when I am in need.

The days never end, without you aquí.

The stretch is long, and hard to bear, and very unhappy.

That buffoon of a puppy, awaken.

You are cruel in your innocence. When you sleep, I weep, because you are why I cannot sleep.

But honestly its the damned people.

Must the home be cleaned after midnight? Must my door be opened for good reason?

You would think I'd get used to it.

After all it has always been like that. But I guess after 18 years ya finally get fed up with it.

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